Necropolis, the city of the dead. Like in any cultures, Filipinos have a deep respect for the departed ancestors. From prehispanic, Spanish colonial era to modern times, tribes and modern society, cemeteries in the Philippines provide an interesting aspect of its culture, architecture and other practices. In this list, I’ve compiled some noteworthy sites covering the modern era, notable architecture, tribal practices and even the quirky, gathered from years of extensive travels around the country. 1 Libingan ng mga Bayani (Taguig City, Metro Manila) It’s…Continue Reading “10 interesting cemeteries in the Philippines you should visit”

I’m always on the lookout for local delicacies whenever I travel and try it. While on this trip to Sagada to witness the panag-apoy, we chanced upon two vendors selling this delicious treats as we were coming back from a visit in Echo Valley for the hanging coffins. I’m sure there are still other local delicacies but this will suffice for now. Linapet Rectangular in form, linapet is made from ground malagkit (sticky rice) with bits of ground peanut bits in the center. It’s then…Continue Reading “Three local delicacies I found in Sagada”

Bokong Falls is one of Sagada’s known cascades. Located within a cultivated area bordered with rice terraces and stands of pine trees, its a small waterfall with two surges of water. What it lacks in height, which drops to just around 20 feet, it makes up for its deep natural pool good for swimming. The water is less colder than Bomod-ok Falls but with a smaller basin. It’s quite accessible from the town, just about two kilometers of light trekking through the main road to…Continue Reading “Sagada’s quaint Bokong Falls”

I quickened my pace as dusk was settling in, past people going down, coming from Sagada’s cemetery up in the hill beyond St. Mary’s Church and just at the edge of Echo Valley. I was determined to go up the mountainside and witness a unique cemetery tradition in the Cordilleras: Sagada’s panag-apoy which is celebrated on 1 November. I know what to expect but seeing a good portion of a mountain, with splotches of white for sepulchers and gravestones being lapped up with the warmth…Continue Reading “Bonfires and candles light Sagada’s panag-apoy”

Halohalo, that Pinoy iced dessert popular during the hot summer months take on an interesting form in the highlands of the Cordilleras with different ingredients not used in the lowlands.