With 7,000 islands scattered around the country and one of the world’s nations with very extensive coastlines, its a given that fishing is one of the biggest livelihood in the Philippines. As a travel photographer and blogger, This is perhaps one of the most beautiful subjects. Its not difficult to find too. Spend time in the provinces with a coast or beach early in the morning or in the afternoon and you can be certain to capture authentic images. Even in transit. Below are ten…Continue Reading “Photo Friday: Fishing and fishermen”

The Marina Bay Sands area is one of the top drawers for tourists in Singapore and for Filipino photographers, its a good reason to be here in in this island country.

My Busuanga aerials that I featured before will be in a unique exhibition. Entitled Earth & Art, this is Net 25’s Tribe offering for the environment. As one of the featured artist/photographer, I will be showing my work, “Busuanga: From Forests to Farmlands.”