It was a serendipitous moment. I was behind the driver of the motorcycle and we were passing through the main highway of Kapatagan in Lanao del Norte enroute to Cathedral Falls. out of the corner of my eye, this odd looking structure, standing in the middle of an open lot fenced with concrete blocks, caught my attention. I had to tell the driver, with excitement, to stop and go back. Once we were at the front of the lot, I was just smiling, enjoying the…Continue Reading “An odd House along the highway” reported on the proposed plans coming from the Office of the Governor of Batangas, Gov. Vilma Santos, herself a veteran actress in the local movie industry, of putting up a huge, 14 meter sign on the slopes of Binintiang Malaki. I’m against it. Here’s why.

In some areas in Metro Manila, spiderfights along a quite street are done by grown up men who do it not for the sake of having fun or reliving childhood memories, but more as another way to gamble and lose or win money.