Jacob Maentz is an American freelance travel and documentary photographer currently based in Cebu City. His passion lies in creating images that communicate a strong sense of place and cultural awareness in unique, challenging situations. His photographs often reflect his background in conservation and explore issues related to the human condition and natural world. Jacob’s primary focus for the past two years has been creating comprehensive photo documentaries for the Katutubong Filipino Project. Ang Langyaw sits down with Jacob Maentz in Cebu City and interviewed…Continue Reading “Interview: Jacob Maentz and The Forgotten Ten Exhibit”

As 2013 is drawing to a close, I asked these travel bloggers just one question: What’s the best thing that happened to you as a traveler and why? Below are there answers and their brief backgrounds on travel blogging. Kirk Acebron Philippine Anatomy and Beyond Twitter: @kirkanatomy I’m Kirk Acebron RN, MAN ©. On 2008, while 100,000+ unemployed nurses in the country committed themselves to find the unreachable hospital jobs, I decided to have a break first and spend time to relax – I find…Continue Reading “New travel bloggers look back”

It was a hot and humid afternoon as I was walking along the Kuching waterfront. Shooting here and there. Looking out for penambangs, those multicolored wooden boats that crisscross the Sungai Sarawak (Sarawak River) transporting passengers. And an old man called out from behind a wooden counter: “Sarawak river cruise, come…” His voice trailed. And called again. Being a visitor, I came close and listened to his offer. “Sarawak River cruise for an hour! Discounted at just RM 19…” and pointing to the time: 1430H….Continue Reading “Dispatch: A seasoned tour guide in Kuching”