A part of my heart is in Iligan City, thus the reason that I’ve been going back there from time to time. Iligan City is small. unlike Cagayan de Oro City up north, there’s not much to go around like malls, unless you want to spend time experiencing the many waterfalls that the city is popular with. Foodwise, there are several restaurants, cafe’s and diners and I’ve been to several of these. One of the local restaurants that I really love is Gina’s BBQ Express….Continue Reading “Where to eat in Iligan City: Gina’s BBQ Express”

I got wildly curious when a friend told me about pater, a rice dish topped either with shredded and cooked beef, chicken or tuna (usually canned) and wrapped with blanched banana leaves. It is a rice dish common in areas with Muslim populations. In Maranao, it is called pater and Maguindanao is pastil. I’ve also seen this one in Gensan. When I visited Iligan this week, I specifically requested to have it for brunch. READ MORE: Filling pastil at a Gensan jeep terminal They’re now…Continue Reading “A delicious suprise at Al Pater al Kuwait in Iligan”

This perhaps is one of the best durian shakes in the Philippines! Yes! That’s a fearless statement! Every durian lover’s bucket list should have this thick, creamy and all that durian goodness in a tall glass topped with real durian bits provided with a bigger than usual straw to sip all that heavenly stuff. It’s so good that whenever I am in Iligan, Iliganon’s unforgettable durian shake always plays out in my mind, especially when I tasted it first at their branch in Seminary Drive…Continue Reading “One of the best durian shakes is in…”

P25?! Are you kidding me? I blurted out in disbelief when a friend told me about this little cafe while in Iligan City. For one who has gobbled up outrageously priced, supposedly trendy cupcakes in Metro Manila, P25 was indeed a steal! But in Iligan, it is said to be already expensive. From the inn I was staying, we walked along Roxas Ave. and after a couple of meters from a big mall, we stopped at a small but nice shop with a cheerful design….Continue Reading “Delicious but cheap cupcakes in Iligan”