Travel is a palliative for the weary soul/sole. And the best thing that happens when we are out there? Getting our own wow moments! Wow as in surprised at such spectacular sceneries. Or in awe at such beautiful experiences. It comes unexpected or what you just read or see in photos and books, you are experiencing it first hand. Everytime we think about it, it makes us smile and makes us relieve such wonderful memories. In no particular order, these are my WOW MOMENTS this…Continue Reading “’s 10 wow moments of 2014”

Corregidor Island is such an interesting island. Other than its being remnants of a volcanic crater called Corregidor Caldera, it’s also rich in history, from Spanish colonial era to the late 1960s with tales and secrets awaiting to be discovered. Other than that, the island is a haven for the adventure enthusiast, birdwatcher and anyone who needs a break from the monotony and just have fun! Check out this top 10 list! 1 Visit and check out the various ruins and batteries These are the…Continue Reading “10 things to do and have a great time in Corregidor”

I’ve visited Corredigor Island four times already and I’ve done the day tour and the Old Manila Walks walking tour. But nothing prepared me for the night tour that you can only have when you stay overnight. It’s the stories behind the ruins and tunnels, the animated and fun way the guides handle it as well as the different kind of vibe you experience that makes this one of the best I had! Do check it out, you won’t be disappointed! 1 Creepy hospital ruins…Continue Reading “6 reasons to stay overnight in Corregidor”

It was like direct from a Hitchcock film, moody, spine tingling, creepy. As the Corregidor tramlike bus made its way to the hospital ruins, I gazed out of the window and into the concrete shell of a building. Dusk was fast approaching as the dying rays of the sun painted the sky in mauve. The vehicle’s headlights were already lit and it cast strange and otherworldly shadows along the path overrun with vegetation. I don’t believe in ghosts, well, sort of, or I would like…Continue Reading “Creepy visit at a bombed out hospital in Corregidor”

Want to spend the night in Corregidor Island? Good move! It’s a different experience and you can also avail of activities that are only open for stay in guests. There are actually four options where you can spend the night here: Stay at the Cordillera Inn Stay at the cabanas near the beach Stay at the hostel near the wharf, and Pitch a tent at the clearings near South Beach Of the four options, the best one is, well, no contest, the cabanas! Built sometime…Continue Reading “Where best to stay in Corregidor Island”