The island province of Biliran, being mountainous, is known for its many waterfalls. But the most popular and which is easily accessible is Tinago Falls in the municipality of Caibiran. It’s not difficult to go to with well paved roads and along the way, shows you the rugged beauty of this island. Once you get to the site, there’s a series of cemented steps going down which is manageable and not steep. There’s a small fee to pay the caretaker and, well, it is a…Continue Reading “Biliran’s pretty Tinago Falls”

After the widely successful remote beach list I posted last year, here’s another ten that will surely whet your appetite to travel and discover more of the Philippines. Most of these beaches haven’t been included in other beach lists that you usually find repeated again and again and I’m proud to say that I’ve personally been to all these. These are beautiful with white sand ranging from powdery white to cream colored to a mixture of sand, pebbles and other normal sea debris. Not all…Continue Reading “10 under the radar white sand beaches in the Philippines you haven’t been to”

There are just so many spectacular islands and beaches around the country that just, as the cliche goes, takes your breath away. Although there are certain popular spots, going off the well worn path indeed has several surprises and Higatangan Island’s shifting sandbar in Naval, Biliran is one. Higatangan Island’s shifting sandbar is a long tongue of white sand that curves near the tip. Depending on the month and monsoon, this sandbar is at a particular location that varies position within the southeastern and southern…Continue Reading “In awe of Higatangan Island’s shifting sandbar”

It’s wiry frame, thin pieces of metal assembled together with wheels whizzed passed me as its driver pedaled, carrying his passengers to their destination. I smiled, happy to see these contraptions, attesting to the Filipino’s ingenuity, feeling the familiarity of being in a small sleepy town.