Novotel Siam Executive room is highly recommended when staying at the Siam Square area of Bangkok. Why? Read on. I’ve been in and out of Thailand’s bustling capital, Bangkok for the past three years after having last visited it around fifteen years ago. And I know how it is to be in this city: can be tiring at times especially if you spend all day exploring the city. But I’ve always gravitated to the Siam Square area. It’s a center for business, leisure and shopping…Continue Reading “Staying at Novotel Siam Executive room in Premier floor”

Gourmet Bar

Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar not only teases the eyes with its stunning woodwork design but also teases the palate with its Thai and international dishes that you will surely love. I arrived just in time for our lunch meeting at the lobby of Novotel Siam as Pla greeted me. Coming from an early train trip from Phetchaburi where I stayed for around five nights and into the familiar chaos of Bangkok, I was quite impressed stepping into the newly redesigned lobby of this hotel. Stylish….Continue Reading “Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar offers good comfort food”

They come in different sizes, from the size of one’s palm to huge ones, standing 10 feet in height and painted in different colors. Don’t blush though, but these wooden penises, offerings left by usually female devotees, are there, crowded under the spirit tree or placed near the spirit house while larger ones, those that are as tall as a man, stand proudly, erect, err, at attention. The Tuptim Shrine is dedicated to Chao Mae Tuptim, whose devotees visit and offer wooden penises for good…Continue Reading “The very unusual phallus shrine of Bangkok”

I was very much delighted. After the photoshoot at a condo within Sala Daeng in Bangkok, I hurried to the street diner that I passed an hour ago. Within a few minutes, I was seated, a smile on my face as I took a spoonful of the jasmine rice and pieces of stewed pork leg. Heavenly. The meat is so tender with melt in your mouth fat and skin. The pieces of crunchy boiled water spinach (kangkong) creating a slight bitter taste contrasting with the…Continue Reading “Bangkok street eats: heavenly Khao kha moo (stewed pork leg on rice)”