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Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar offers good comfort food

Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar not only teases the eyes with its stunning woodwork design but also teases the palate with its Thai and international dishes that you will surely love.

I arrived just in time for our lunch meeting at the lobby of Novotel Siam as Pla greeted me. Coming from an early train trip from Phetchaburi where I stayed for around five nights and into the familiar chaos of Bangkok, I was quite impressed stepping into the newly redesigned lobby of this hotel. Stylish. Chic. Modern. I was in awe with the woodwork, the textures and colors and was looking forward to my two night stay. But first, lunch at the new Gourmet Bar.

The Gourmet Bar is a new concept to Novotel Siam (Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square). It’s a trendy F&B outlet with stunning architecture: circular with a spiral like woodwork that rises above. It offers delicious traditional Thai dishes and complemented with International food, fresh juices and other beverages, grab n’ go sandwiches and children’s drinks and sweets. It’s not only meant for in house guests but for anyone who wants to take shelter from the frenetic Bangkok of everyday.

Pla ordered for me some of Gourmet Bar’s offerings, including their bestsellers. But first, a sweet and fresh coconut juice drank straight from the nut which was refreshing, a big deal as I was lugging a heavy backpack which I carried from Hua Lamphong Railway Station to the adjacent MRT, then transferred to Silom BTS and walked from Siam BTS station to the hotel.

The prawn pad thai arrived first and followed by the other dishes. The chicken satay was glistening and simply plated. The green curry chicken, Pla’s avocado and pumpkin salad, the signature burger and an apple drink that I ordered. Although already hungry, I had to take photos of the dishes first, you know, for this post.

Delicious Thai dishes

I love the chicken satay. It was tender but not dry. The accompanying two sauces, a sambal and the traditional peanut sauce added piquancy. Although satay is more of a Malay dish, it’s widely popular in Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand and Zamboanga to Tawitawi in the Philippines. Who can refuse this delicious bite sized streetfood morsels?

I had the prawn pad thai. After mixing the ingredients, except for the dried chili powder, sorry, but I can only tolerate a moderate chili, had a fork full. It was good and delicious. Pla informed me that it’s a best seller at the Gourmet Bar. and it’s not a wonder why. Curiously, a quarter of a banana blossom was also included, among other ingredients. I was told that you eat it as a side vegetable. This was my second time to encounter banana blossoms in pad thai, the first one at a hole in the wall eatery in Phetchaburi. While in the Philippines it is cooked with coconut milk, here, you eat it raw.

Although I consider myself an omnivore, I have actually steered clear of some soupy dishes in Thai cuisine. There’s this trepidation that it might be too spicy that I’m not so much fond of. I’ve always noticed the different colored dishes: there’s red, yellow, dark red, green and more. So when Pla ordered the green curry chicken, I was hesitant at first but relented. A few sips of the soup and I was amazed at the taste. It’s made from a variety of ingredients that I think are staple to Thai cuisine. It was delicious. It was like having delicious Singapore style laksa. First, there’s the spiciness and the taste of curry, then the wonderful taste of coconut milk and once you gulp it down, the kick that slides through your throat. The soup was so good I had a second helping. The chicken was also tender.

Yes, the signature burger, definitely…

The Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar’s signature burger came highly recommended that I ordered one. I love burgers and nothing beats a juicy and wonderfully flavored one. After I had my fill of the two Thai dishes, I focused on the burger. It was not as big as I expected. Served on top of a wood slab with french fries. But before slicing a bit off, I went first with the fries. Yum. As in YUM! It was good. No, a better french fries than what I am accustomed to in leading fast food chains. The outside was crisp with the right amount of salt and pepper while the inside is soft.

I took the knife and fork and sliced off a bit of the burger with right amount of bread, patty, onions, cheese and dressing. The juices were flowing and as I got a mouthful, I can only close my eyes in burger ecstasy. Even if you have different ingredients, a good burger is just juicy and flavorful. Beefy goodness. Darn. Thinking about Gourmet Bar’s signature burger makes me salivate while writing this one. IT WAS DARN GOOD! And I took another bite. And another. Until nothing was left. It will be a total waste if I would not consume all of it. I was so full by that time that when Pla offered desserts, as much as I wanted to try, I had to refuse. But it was okay as the burger, the green curry chicken, the satay and, of course the prawn pad thai were all worth it.

Definitely you should try these when you visit Novotel Siam’s Gourmet Bar.

Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar
Novotel Siam’s new Gourmet Bar is a bold and beautiful design. This F&B outlet is open 24 hours a day and serves Thai and International dishes including grab and go items.
Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar
Prawn pad thai (THB270++), river prawn, rice noodles, dried shrimp, peanut, egg, bean sprout, scallion and tamarind sauce with a side of banana blossom. You can’t go wrong with this one! A best seller.
Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar
Chicken satay (THB120++) served with peanut sauce. It’s tasty and tender.
Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar
Gourmet Bar’s Signature Burger (THB420++), beef cheeseburger with tomatoes, onion ring, lettuce, bacon, avocado and thousand island dressing. One of the best burgers I’ve had in Bangkok! It’s a non Thai bestseller of Gourmet Bar.
Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar
Thai green curry chicken (THB310++), fragrant yellow curry, eggplant, basil, chili, kafir lime, green curry paste and coconut milk. Another must try dish that is authentically Thai.
Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar
Avocado and pumpkin salad (THB350++), avocado, pumpkin, feta cheese and balsamic dressing with arugula
Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar
Fresh juices are offered at the Gourmet Bar. The fresh coconut juice is quite refreshing.
Novotel Siam Gourmet Bar
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Thanx to Novotel Siam for accommodating me at the hotel.

Gourmet Bar
Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square
392/44 Siam Square Soi 6 Rama I Road
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

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