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5 Best Things to Do in Sydney of 2018

Sydney welcomes more than 30 million international tourists each year. It’s a wonderfully diverse city that is at the forefront of many industries. It’s made up of 658 suburbs, and has the biggest natural shoreline in the entire world and it’s like a proverbial playground in terms of the amount of things to do in the city. But what are the best attractions the city has to offer first time visitors? Here are five best things to do in Sydney

Sydney Harbor

There are few more iconic shorelines in the world than Sydney Harbour. It stretches for more than 150 miles and is regarded as the most beautiful natural harbor in the world. Its close proximity to the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and Royal Botanic Gardens means it’s a tourist hotspot and welcomes millions every year. The best way to see the harbor in all its glory is to take a ferry ride where you can even get to watch the sunset. The best times of the year to be on the harbor are either during New Year’s Eve for the annual celebrations or during the Vivid Sydney’s Colour Festival that takes place in May and June. The harbor also looks amazing lit up at night which you can see from the above picture.

Manly Beach

Among the many wonderful beaches in Sydney, none quite compare to Manly. It’s approximately 10 miles northeast of Downtown Sydney, according to this feature article by USA News. It’s not as crowded as the most popular two beaches in the city Coogee and Bondi because it is a little further away from the metro. It’s also very popular among surfers because of the rough waves. So if you are a keen watersports fanatic this is the perfect beach for you! There are also lots of restaurants and shops in the area, which makes it a great day trip if you’re staying in the city center. You can reach Manly Beach via ferry, bus or train.

The Sydney Eye

The Sydney Eye or Tower used to be called The Centrepoint Tower. It is located in the heart of Westfield. According to this Manila to Sydney flight guide by Philippine Airlines, the Sydney Eye “provides tourists the opportunity to look out over the Harbour and as far as the Blue Mountains.” It stands 309 meters tall and is the city’s tallest building. In fact, it’s the second tallest observation tower in the entire Southern Hemisphere. According to the official website, the observation deck is 50 meters higher than that of Auckland’s famous Sky Tower’s highest viewing platform.

Sydney Opera House

There are few music venues as prestigious as the Sydney Opera House. Designed by esteemed Danish architect Jorn Utzon, the building first opened in 1957. It is, to this day, still one of the most distinctive architectural wonders in the world and it holds some of the most important opera concerts in Australia as well as the world. Sydney Opera House will continue to showcase the best musical talent moving forward. Getting to experience a live opera here will be a memory that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Darling Harbour

Aside from being a stunning harbor in its own right, Darling Harbour is also filled with things to do. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll be glad to know that it houses the world’s biggest IMAX cinema. Add to the list the Australian National Maritime Museum, Harbourshire Shopping Centre and the fact it is close to Chinatown, and King Street Wharf and it becomes a very appealing part of Sydney for travelers. It’s a very family-friendly district that is the ideal place to get a hotel because of the sheer amount of things to do through the day and night. Every Saturday there are fireworks at 9pm, which is a superb way to cap-off the night with the family.


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