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Want to Travel on a Budget? Here are 7 Simple Secrets

Do you think travelling on a budget is a tricky thing to do? Are you the type to constantly add up the cost of transport and accommodation? Well let’s just say, it isn’t as difficult as it seems. Two people who are living proof of an independent travel lifestyle are Agness and Cez from They’ve got it all sussed out, and you can too! When you book a trip, it doesn’t have to cost tons of money. The more you spend doesn’t relate to the amount you’ll enjoy the experience. Life is all about living for the moment. Soaking up the sun rather than collecting all the coins and letting them sit in your bank account. The 7 simple secrets below will demonstrate that budget travel is possible, open your mind to the possibilities….

Just a Backpack

So, you’ve planned a trip. Next part is the packing. Now and then, we’ve all been guilty of taking just TOO much stuff. We end up rushing to the shops, buying insane amounts of sunscreen and things we just won’t use. The same goes for clothes. We often want to ‘look the part’ but really it all depends on what sort of trip you’ve planned. If it’s an active holiday, do you really need 15 different t-shirts? Most likely you’ll be living in the same pair of trousers for a week and a few spare tops. Be practical about packing. Those who live life on a budget usually live out of a backpack rather than a huge suitcase full of unnecessary items…

Consider your Options

There are MEGA expensive places out there that are all about wealth and materialism. Yet, there are also places out there that are relaxed and a little more down to earth. It’s up to you what travel experience you opt for but you should take into consideration a city’s reputation. For instance, Nuuk in Greenland is known to be affordable and very welcoming. People love this place due to its laidback culture and gorgeous scenery. There is SO much choice out there, so take your time when choosing the next trip away. Some travelers now head towards eco-retreats and community camps, as you can volunteer instead of paying for your stay. It’s an amazing world we live in, don’t you think?!

Unnecessary Extras

You’re in the middle of Bangkok. The taxi man is saying 30 baht for a 5 minute drive, yet it’s literally a 15 minute walk. Usually, traffic is high in this Thai city. Therefore, it may be quicker to walk. Plus, walking is also FREE. Sometimes, you can save on added costs. If you’re trying to cut down on your spending habit, then it may be wise to opt for the scenic route rather than a hectic drive. As stated by Net Doctor, walking is extremely beneficial for your health. It will help you to loosen up after a heavy meal of delicious local noodles. Plus, you may find interesting sights on your walk that you might have missed if you were stuck in a car.

Share the secret!

Perhaps you’re travelling independently around the globe. When you’re looking at guided tours and sightseeing excursions, you may notice that the price is higher for just one person. In that case, it’s time to make friends! There will be other likeminded individuals out there, maybe in the hostel or maybe nearby who also want to take these trips. The cost will be considerably lower once you share the experience and combine the costs together. Secrets like this are worth a share as they can save you tons of money in the long run. Also, you may find your excursion a bit more enjoyable with people to share it with. Long lasting memories are made when you’re with a great bunch of people who are also living for the moment!

Alternative Atmosphere

Now and then, there are awesome all-inclusive deals offers online. You can grab yourself the ultimate bargain months in advance and save yourself some extra dollars. The latest travel trend is to hop on a cruise ship and tour around countries by sea. Cruises grant you exclusive access to landmarks which you wouldn’t get to see if you were stuck on land. They float at their own pace and ensure a peaceful and comfortable journey. At the moment, Greenland cruises are very popular. Why not try something unique and extraordinary? Life’s too short to just stay on shore….

Have a Haggle

What’s a haggle? Well, you know when you’re at a market or a local store and spot a lovely souvenir to take back home? This is where haggling comes in. Stall-owners are used to tourists requesting lower prices for their items. Therefore, they are going to start at the highest price possible for the item you want. If you’re on a budget but really want the item, then try your hand at haggling. Suggest to the owner how much you’re realistically willing to pay. Don’t worry if you think it’s too cheap or a bit cheeky, that’s life! If they don’t go for the price you offered, you have a choice. You either accept their lowest offer or you walk away. Yet, sometimes walking away is a bartering tactic and the shop-owner may call after you. Be fearless on your travels and speak your mind.

Enjoy the little things

Ever heard the saying ‘the little things in life are always free’? This applies to your adventure. Sometimes, it’s the smallest moments in life that are truly priceless. It’s not always about spending tons of money to show off on a jet-ski or to rent a fancy apartment. When you’re travelling on a budget, you’ll find yourself in hostels and cheap restaurants. You’ll most likely meet people who are rich with happiness and content with what they have. Enjoy the little things as they lead you to bigger things. As American journalist Lisa Ling once said, the best education you could ever have in life is travel…

Tell us, do you think you could travel on a Budget?


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