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Urban Marche is Makati’s newest weekend night market

For the past few years, weekend night markets in Metro Manila have been springing up providing a great alternative to the usual supermarkets and malls. Here, one can find unique items, or not so known but delicious food that are way cheaper. In Makati City, there’s only one that I can think of, at A Venue along Makati Avenue as the one outside of Glorietta in Ayala Center folded up since last year. That is until the newest one debuted last month at the parking lot of Cash N Carry along Osmeña Boulevard near Buendia Ave.

Cash N Carry has always been popular as a place for PX goods. A few years ago, it got transformed into a medium sized community mall that caters to a sizable residential area. With the rising of condominium towers near the riles and Buendia Ave., its market has continued to expand. With the entry of Urban Marché Weekend Market, weekend nights have become more interesting.

The brainchild of JP, a young entrepreneur, Urban Marché Weekend Market sits at a 2000 square meter area at the open parking lot of Cash N Carry. It has a 50/50 mix of food and non-food merchants with 40% of the sellers found only here. What’s more, JP curated these vendors so that duplication is at a minimum and there is a good variety of quality products and items. Regional wares and food will soon be added.

The layout is simple yet ideal: the nonfood section greets visitors at the entrance while the food vendors are lined along the perimeter of the second half of the lot. The dining area, a grouping of chairs and tables are at the center of the food area so it’s easy to just go around to pick and buy your favorites and go back to your table.

I’m more of a food person when it comes to markets and I like the sheer variety that is available here. From authentic Cebu lechon belly, pastas, Ineng’s barbecue, desserts, to that real fresh lemonade that people are lining up! I was even glad that there’s Ilocano empanada and bagnet, great to eat when craving for these stuff.

Now, weekend nights in my area is better now. No more boring stuff from the usual convenience store but real interesting food. Or shop for some affordable wares.

Urban Marché Weekend Market
Cash N Carry Parking Lot

Cash & Carry's Urban Marche is the newest in Makati's weekend night market scene
Cash & Carry’s Urban Marche is the newest in Makati’s weekend night market scene
God, these are so delicious!
God, these are so delicious!
Ilocos longganisa and bagnet... yum!
Ilocos longganisa and bagnet… yum!
Lots of food options!
Lots of food options!
Guests enjoying dinner at the new weekend night market
Guests enjoying dinner at the new weekend night market
Just beside the ubiquitous Cash & Carry along Osmena Highway
Just beside the ubiquitous Cash & Carry along Osmena Highway

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  1. Suzzette Manalo

    Hi how can we join this bazaar to sell our products? Thanka

  2. Suzzette, not sure if this is still ongoing since di ko na nakita last weekend

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