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Bos Coffee releases Start: A Coffee + Creativity Journal

It was a big hit when Bos Coffee released last year the Origins: A Travel Journal (DISCLOSURE: I was invited to contribute to the write up and I did three articles in the journal) as it marked a big departure from the usual useless annual journals that other coffee chains churn out. The journal encouraged people to travel around the country and redeem prizes if all location specific challenges have been done.

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And just a few months short of the homegrown coffee chain’s 20th anniversary, and as the journal season starts before the year ends, Bos Coffee is at it again by releasing another journal, this time, focusing on creativity. In addition to the list of homegrown beans, two new bean types have been added: Sablan Benguet Reserve and Civet.

It still follows the same formula: contributions, this time from different artists focusing on Typography, latte art, coffee painting, sketching and phoneography; store challenges in 12 Bos Coffee locations around the country different from the previous journal and, of course, discount coupons that you can avail in-store.

Another interesting thing about this journal is that, following its main theme, you can actually draw, sketch or color the covers to customize it as shown in the image below. There are two ways to get the Creativity Journal: direct purchase at BOS COFFEE (P1000) or collect 20 stickers that you can redeem to get it free.

Other than the journal this Christmas season, Bos Coffee is also launching the Coffee Connect Program wherein for every purchase of a gray or chalkboard mug, P50 goes to the coffee farmers in Sagada. The Christmas bundle offering available at the store also includes products from partner startups and social enterprises. Check Bos Coffee’s website for additional info.

Start: Coffee + Creativity Journal
Customized journal (left) and the standard, non customized one that you get from Bos Coffee (right)

5 thoughts on “Bos Coffee releases Start: A Coffee + Creativity Journal”

  1. Hello! Could you please feature the Your Homegrown Brew challenge for 2016? 🙂

  2. Its in the video pero 1 second lang.

  3. Its in the video but for about 1 sec only.

  4. Does it have the same mechanics as the 2015 Your Homegrown Brew challenge? Which branches are featured? I’m really interested and excited. Thanks in advance.

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