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Bus broken, stranded under the flyover

The Peñafrancia broken bus stranded unde the flyover in Alabang

What happened? I asked the Peñafrancia bus driver who was with a few other bus passengers seemingly looking at the distance. Waiting. May singaw ang hose ng preno. Inaantay namin dumating ang mekaniko. Na traffic sa EDSA (the bus’s break has a leak. We’re waitng for the mechanic to arrive. He got stuck in traffic along EDSA), he answered.

It’s been more than an hour since we’ve been stranded here under the tailend of the flyover in Alabang waiting. Time is ticking and my destination, Naga City is still hundreds of kilometers away. We might have left from Cubao’s terminal on time at 0730H, but here we are, still within Metro Manila waiting for the savior.

The bus wifi is not working. The toilet’s clogged and almost full. Passengers are coming and going, up and down, bored and there’s not a restaurant or diner that’s near and its 1130H already. I tried to read a book. Or get a nap.

One hour more, no mechanic came.

But a working bus.

Back on the road again.

Tried reading a few pages of this book
Passengers transferring their baggage to the other bus

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