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The most romantic place for a date in Cebu

Delice Recipes
Probably the most romantic place to unwind or bring one’s date to enjoy the great scenery, with good ambiance and delectable food.

The night was a bit cold as I drove up to The Tops. But me and my friend Dib weren’t going there to see the city lights but to check this highly recommended place up above that stoked my curiosity. Delice Recipes, he muttered. Just follow the road going to Tops. In no time, after almost reaching the slight descent, a bright signage illuminated a part of the road beside a big house.

There are a few parking slots available behind and outside the gates of the house and I wasn’t expecting much. It was only when I got to the veranda when I just gasped: WOW! The view of Cebu City at night, with bright colorful lights spread below us. As it’s just within the Tops area, it shares the same stunning scenery.

After ordering our food, I hurriedly went back to the car and got my tripod and camera gear. After asking permission, I was photographing the place and later ate when the food was served.

The chicken parmigiana was just delicious. I loved the tenderness of the chicken and the blend of house cheese. The serving is rather big and good for those with huge appetites, like my friend. The Angus Bacon Cheeseburger was also interesting, filling and good, although not as juicy as expected but  love the beefy goodness.

Delice Recipes will surely delight. It’s perfect for a date or with close friends to unwind. Go there especially at night when the city begins to light up. The place is not really that big, thus, another plus as a romantic date place. There is a limited number of tables at the front and side veranda.

TIP: Nights can be cold so dress appropriately. If you want to spend more time here, the place is also a bed and breakfast with rooms upstairs. From the menu, their breakfast selections looks good.

Delice Recipes
Veranda with a great view of Cebu City’s lights
Delice Recipes
Chicken parmigiana: breaded chicken fillet with parmesan cheese, house tomato sauce, topped with blend of gruyere, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses


Delice Recipes
Angus Bacon Cheeseburger: 1/3 pound US Angus beef patty, special sauce, house cheese blend, bacon, tomato and lettuce in a sesame seed bun


Delice Recipes
Quatro leches in a jar for dessert: homemade buttercake , whipped cream and caramel
Delice Recipes
Another side of the veranda with stunning city view
Delice Recipes
Interior of Delice Recipe
Delice Recipes
Another dining area just beside the main dining hall

No, we weren’t on a date. It just happened that my friend Dib brought me to Delice Recipes to check the place out and while I was photographing the place with my tripod, with the intent of featuring it here, the American owner came and told me that it’s okay to shoot but no faces and he insisted on checking the images. I relented and, probably as a consolation, he gave us this bottle of red wine, on the house. And thanx.

GETTING THERE: Just follow the road to Tops and before you arrive at the Tops, you will see a signage at the right Delice Recipes.

Delice Recipes
Tops Property
Upper Veteran’s Drive
Barangay Busay
Cebu City
+63 906 4258799


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