Bliss at an unlikely place near a waterfall

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I laid down on the rock with about an inch of water flowing over it
I laid down on the rock with about an inch of water flowing over it

I just stared at the drab, overcast sky framed by the branches and leaves of trees while feeling the flow of water from head to foot as I laid down on the rock with a thin layer of water. I was at the part of the river, just several meters from Naglalata Falls in Bula, Camarines Sur where I rappelled earlier.

The rock was great. At a slight incline, the depressions on its surface was just enough to provide lumbar support. Below it is a skyblue pool good for swimming and a few feet around are smaller pools. It has a certain texture and feel that isn’t slippery and reminds me of the rocks inside Sumaging Cave in Sagada. And the water is not so cold.

I was daydreaming. While my companions were having second or third rappels down the waterfall surface, and can hear their laughter and taunts, I was there, lying on the rock surface. Sometimes with legs crossed or sitting down and gazing into the river down below.

It was bliss. It was calm. I was in touch with my inner self. Nature at its best.

Thanx to Naga Excursions and Jojo Villareal of Kadlagan Outdoorshop for making this possible.

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