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A hot steaming bowl of noodles on a stormy afternoon

Aniseed beef tondon noodle
Aniseed beef tondon noodle

Typhoon Luis is currently battering northern Philippines while Metro Manila is soaking wet. For this kind of afternoon, what better to do but have a hot and steaming bowl of noodles!

I braved the rains and went out of my unit, heading to North Park in Glorietta and quite determined to have one thing: their aniseed beef tendon (litid). I just love the gelatinous texture of that tender morsel that just dissolves beautiful on one’s tongue.

The thickish sweet soup is comforting, sending my tummy into food heaven, reveling at the warmth. The hong Kong style noodles was just great, not soggy or hard that it clings to my chop sticks well.

Whew! The simple joys of a wet and cool afternoon made memorable by a great tasting noodle soup. And siomai.

North Park
Dial 73737 for delivery

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