Savoring Cha Ced’s kinalasan in Naga City

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Cha Ced's kinalasa is highly recommended
Cha Ced’s kinalasa is highly recommended

When in Naga City? You should try kinalas, that savory noodle dish (with soup) topped with an egg and gravy. The last one is the secret ingredient (and can vary depending on the kinalasan) that makes this food one of the best there is in the country.

WHAT IS KINALAS? READ MORE: Kinalas is comfort food. Brain slices optional

There are several kinalasan in Naga City of which I’ve tried one before, Kinalas Twin. Theirs is really good that I came back the next day just to eat again. During a trip last June, courtesy of Naga City Tourism, we visited another, said to be one of the best in the city: Cha Ced Kinalasan (Kinalasan sa Balatas).

The meat is tender, the soup flavorful and, when the gravy is mixed, the whole bowl is very satisfying. Unlike Kinalas Twin wherein the brain slices are optional, here, it’s already mixed in with the gravy. It’s the perfect dish for a snack and can serve as a meal too. Good thing? It’s cheap. We had ours at only P35 per bowl.

Like most kinalasan, its a humble shack and located just beside the river where the patron of Bicol, The INA,  passes by during the Penafrancia fluvial procession. It’s also just near the Basilica and quite popular with church goers and those coming from an early morning jog.

Inside the kinalasan, brightly lit and basic
Inside the kinalasan, brightly lit and basic
The humble shack of Cha Ced Kinalasan just along the river and near the Basilica
The humble shack of Cha Ced Kinalasan just along the river and near the Basilica
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