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The best hotel to stay for Naga City’s Penafrancia

Eurotel Naga City
Eurotel Naga City has comfortable and stylish modern rooms that are hip

It’s the start of September and one thing’s for sure: the mother of all Bicol’s festival, the Penafrancia Fluvial Festival is just around the corner. In two weeks, Naga City will celebrate the pomp and pageantry, the burning faith and piety of the Bicolano as the venerated Ina, will once again do the traslacion. And do you know where’s the best place to position and stay?

EUROTEL NAGA. That’s where. The newly opened businessman’s and traveler’s hotel makes home in a beautiful renovated building by the scenic river. It’s not just any river but it’s actually the terminus where the venerated icon of Ina stops and transfers, right at the point marked by a pillar with the image on top.

If you’re booked at this hotel, especially at the river side, you’re assured of good vantage views of the fluvial procession as it winds its way. If you’re not river side, there’s always the roofdeck that gives you breathtaking views of this side of Naga City and the action below, safe and far from the pressing crowds.

Eurotel Naga City
Clockwise from top right: studio room, another suite room and modern toilet and bath

But is it comfortable? I was in this city last June where I stayed for four days for a bloggers tour. I got accommodated at a studio room (see photo below). Despite the small space, the queen sized bed was comfortable. The interior decor is modern and hip. Like the rest of the rooms, there’s a big photo of a European scene, in my case, the view of Notre Dame Cathedral’s nave in Paris.

Other than that, the complementary wifi is strong, there’s hot and cold water, cable TV and other standard amenities. Despite it’s size, it was still cozy. The air conditioning is working well and there were no water drips inside. Access to rooms are via programmed security key cards and staff members are quite friendly and helpful.

Eurotel Naga City
Clockwise from top right: dormtype room at Eurotel Naga City, suite room, Eurotel Naga City lobby and the renovated building that is now the Eurotel Naga City. It’s the best place to stay during Penafrancia as the image passes and stops at this point.

The lobby is also spacious. Although there were two elevators, only one was working at that time and sometimes, I had to wait for a few minutes. Room accommodation is inclusive of buffet breakfast and, for its price point, the food is well stocked and the selection is good.

One thing I liked about the buffet breakfast is that the desserts are local sweet breads. Upon seeing it, made me smile as I remembered growing up in Cebu and eating these kind of baked goods at home. The hotel also has a menu for ala carte dining and I’ve tried five of these (four dishes are illustrated here).

The stunning view from the roofdeck of Eurotel Naga City!
The stunning view from the roofdeck of Eurotel Naga City! You not only see this great scenery, during the Penafrancia, you can have a good vantage poin to observe the fluvial festival and transfer, called the traslacion here.

I did love the crispy pinakbet. It was the different textures of the vegetables, the slight saltiness and crispiness of slices of fried pork that made all the difference! The fried chicken is seasoned well and tasty too. Although I’m not much of a kangkong eater, I did enjoy it very much.

Should you stay at Eurotel Naga? Although there are several hotels in this city, both old and new, at different price points and services. Rooms here start at P1,500 for the studio and increments for a hundred or two as the room type levels up.

Eurotel Naga City
DIning fare offered at Eurotel Naga includes the following, clockwise from top right: adobong kangkong, crispy pinakbet, pork liempo and crispy chicken

How about the location? Eurotel Naga is located in Centro. The old downtown. Of course, for some, this alone might be a factor to consider when staying but for me, who loves old city quarters teeming with life and activity, old buildings exuding elegance and history, it’s the perfect place.

You can hop on any tricycles or jeepneys if you want to go somewhere in the city. Shops and interesting restaurants are quite accessible too. Magsaysay Ave., the gimik and restaurant strip is just one ride away. And so is the cathedral, filling kinalas and hung ma at Crown and a host of good fun places like Bora Hut.

Clockwise from top right: simple buffet breakfast, dessert breakfast fare is interesting as these are local baked goods, my breakfast plate, my studio room with a large image of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral
Clockwise from top right: simple buffet breakfast, dessert breakfast fare is interesting as these are local baked goods, my breakfast plate, my studio room with a large image of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral

For the kind of rooms and service, comfortable and relaxing spaces with modern decor, included breakfast buffet, reliable amenities, friendly staff and assured safety, it’s a reasonable rate. Unlike the dead rivers of Manila, here, there’s no smell, the river beside the hotel is clean too.

If you want to save more, you can also apply for their loyalty card, free of charge and you’ll earn as much as 22% off the room rate if you stay for a number of days. And with Eurotel’s brand of service, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Eurotel Naga City
Gen. Luna street cor. River Side Road
Brgy. Dinaga, City Proper, Naga City
Landline: (054) 4725321
Mobile No.: 0922-3100303

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