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The twin cascades of Itbug Falls

waterfalls in camsur
Itbug Falls with its twin cascades is a 30 feet tall waterfall in Barangay Sta. Cruz, Buhi, Camarines Sur

The motorized outrigger boat sliced through the calm waters of Lake Buhi as we ventured to the opposite side to visit one of the local attractions in the area, a waterfalls in CamSur: Itbug Falls. From Lake Buhi Resort, it was a beautiful cruise taking around 30 minutes as we also went around the lakeside.

waterfalls in camsur
Our motorized outrigger boat, the only kind in Lake Buhi

It’s actually a busy lake with several small and outriggerless boats passing from one point to another, from one side to the other side. There were people fishing with their rods atop big stones, floating cottages that shelter fishpen caretakers at night and tall Mt. Asog, a dormant volcano, with its inclined crater opening up to the direction of the main town, with the upper levels covered with clouds. The air was cool and fresh.

waterfalls in camsur
Docking at the sort of wharf in Barangay Sta. Cruz at the other side of Lake Buhi

We docked at a few big rocks near a waiting shed and started walking along a cemented and later, dirt path. Vehicles can’t go here. What visitors usually do is hire a small boat from the town proper then walk for around 30 minutes to the waterfalls.

waterfalls in camsur
Exoskeletons of dragon fly larvae molted as these insects become winged creatures

But what a bucolic but stunning scenery: Rice paddies heavy with golden grains in the foreground with the lake in the middle and Mt. Asog standing majestically in the background. You pass by several small houses and friendly locals. There are fruit trees along the way and school children coming from a school a few kilometers away.

waterfalls in camsur
A narrow but cemented foot path leading to the waterfalls

The dirt path went up and down as even more greenery replaced the fields. We can already hear the river as the path now is shaded by tall trees. As we finally saw water streaming beside a boulder, the sound of thundering water can be heard.

waterfalls in camsur
Charming lake side sceneries such as these

I set up my tripod but had problems with my camera. It won’t click unless I set it to video. I don’t know why but I was using this setting while here. I took photos while in video mode and timer. Branches of two trees were forming an arch over the water and it was just beautiful. I took a shot.

waterfalls in camsur
A child with his lake catch

I moved to the stream and caught another low level but strong cascade emptying out into a shallow pool. Took off my shirt, placed my phones and wallet inside my camera bag and gave it to my two guides. Then climbed through the roots of a tree to reach higher ground.

waterfalls in camsur
Greenery near the main area of Itbug Falls

There, another shallow pool, this time wider and got a glimpse of one of the twin cascades of Itbug Falls! I waded in the knee deep water for the rocks, climbed it and lo, a view of what we were looking for!

waterfalls in camsur
A glimpse at one of the twin cascades of Itbug Falls as seen at the second basin

Itbug Falls is quaint. At just around 30 feet in high, it has twin cascades falling on rocks. A shallow basin forms a meter from the main drop where I just sat and bathed and looked at the strong gush of water after taking photos.

waterfalls in camsur
Itbug Falls with its water cascading from the main basin

Not bad. Not bad for an easy hike. The water is cool and refreshing that I spent the next 45 minutes just there, enjoying the water. As it was a weekday, I had the area all to myself.

HOW TO GET THERE There are two ways to get there: If your staying at Lake Buhi Resort, you can arrange to visit the area. They provide an outrigger banca, as illustrated above, with two guides. You can also arrange to bring lunch there and have a picnic.

Second way is, if you’re just visiting the town, you can go to the lakeside behind the municipal hall and hire a boat. As to rates, I don’t know, but probably cheap as it’s just a short ride.

For both options, the boats then dock near a waiting shed in Barangay Sta. Cruz and it’s then a 30 minute easy trek. Do bring water as it can get hot and humid.

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    Great writeup Estan! Can’t wait to get there soon from stateside. Beautiful pictures sir. Salamat!

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