Stunning El Nido in Palawan

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The stunning rock face of Malpacao Island dwarfing squid fishermen as they are approaching the island
The stunning rock face of Malpacao Island dwarfing squid fishermen as they are approaching the island


That was all I can utter as islands upon spectacular islands of El Nido, the nest, as it is known for the high quality swift nests that are prized in Chinese restaurants, was unfolding herself to me. With mouth agape and in disbelief, I was in awe, I was in astonishment, I was in love.

Soaring cliffs, jagged rock faces, jutting out from the sea that all these seems so surreal yet wonderfully spectacular that it burns into the mind and sears into memory. Never mind if I got wet during the journey to Lagen Island on a small outrigger boat beset by the waves brought by the Habagat (southwest monsoon). What was important was the then, that moment when I was experiencing, pardon the cliche, breathtaking vistas, the same experience that I had when I visited Calayan.

Five days, five short, work days that I’ve barely enjoyed El Nido’s offerings. Five days, five short days and I just visited a fraction of the wonders of El Nido. After the initial wonder, now that I’m back in Puerto Princesa, I have to at least decide that I should visit again.

So wild, so spectacular, so El Nido. Soon.

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4 thoughts on “Stunning El Nido in Palawan

  1. I will never get enough of El Nido. I heard Coron offers a different excitement as well. Hopefully soon, I can get back Palawan and revisit El Nido and enjoy Coron.

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