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Singtel’s Newsloop app offers

Highlighted post in Newsloop app's Travel section
Highlighted post in Newsloop app’s Travel section
Singtel's Newsloop app
Singtel’s Newsloop app

Another feather in my travel blogger cap, posts are now available in Singtel’s Newsloop app!

Newsloop is the latest offering of Singapore’s Singtel that aggregates feed from news and blog sources from around the world like Huffington Post, Mashable, Cnet, Yahoo!, and more prestigious names and brands.

In the Travel section of the app, I am very proud that, this travel blog, is one of only three other Philippine based sites that have been syndicated by the app.

Typically, blog posts are shown 2-3 hours from publication. In order to receive this blog’s feed, just following this directions:

  • After downloading the Newsloop app in IOS or Android
  • Click on the plus (“+”) sign found at the upper left corner
  • At the lower left corner, click on EDIT CONTENT SOURCES
  • Click on TRAVEL
  • to the right of the TRAVEL section is a list of countries and their feed sources, scroll down to PHILIPPINES, click and check on LANGYAW.COM
  • Click on DONE found at the upper right corner.

You are now good to go! Other than being able to read the blog posts, you can also save the article by clicking on the STAR icon found at the upper right corner or share to your social media network by clicking on the SHARE icon beside the STAR.

Do check it out! in Newsloop in Newsloop app web view in Newsloop post in Newsloop app’s reader view in the Newsloop app's Play View in the Newsloop app’s Play View in Newsloop is one of only three travel related Philippine based website included (highlighted in red)

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