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What happens at home when I’m not traveling?


Have you seen lately that Ask Diego TVC? Ask Diego shows a 7 year old kid giving online advice with the help of his family. He cutely asks, “How do I get a girlfriend?” and one by one, after checking their online devices, family members give him an answer. But other than the novelty of that kid, what struck me most was how the family, with their own gadgets were engaged online.

It calls to mind what I have here in Cebu. When I’m back home and not traveling, here’s what goes on, especially at night: I’m online writing a blog post on my laptop or checking emails via my Ipad Mini. My sister is chatting with a friend with her Ipad. My brother is at his desktop highly engrossed with his online game or checking a biking forum while my niece is watching online videos with my sister’s netbook. All at the same time!

Now, just think of the family sized connections needed. With ordinary subscriptions, those multiple connections might be a challenge resulting to slow downloads, messages unsent, lagging or continuous buffering of video. And, for a very connected family, that can be a nightmare.

With PLDT Home DSL’s STRONG, reliable, FAMILY-SIZED connections your family enjoys LIMITLESS SHARING. Just one connection for the entire family, no need for separate subscriptions.

PLDT Home DSL provides just one connection that powers multiple devices -desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. One connection for simultaneous use – enjoy the internet all at the same time – a connection so strong it’s meant to be shared!

It enables simultaneous online use of multiple gadgets so that each family member will have a beautiful online experience: uninterrupted video streaming, no lags for better game play, better chatting with friends and blog posts published on time.

That is how a Family-Sized broadband connection for the home should be, it should allow your family to enjoy limitless sharing. And all is happy! Even the kid Diego got his answers immediately!

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This is a sponsored post for PLDT Home DSL.


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