Caramelita, smooth Moevenpick ice cream

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Caramelita, joy in a scoop
Caramelita, joy in a scoop

We’re quite familiar with Häagen-Dazs and Dreyers, ice cream that, sad to say, are two foreign brands that have only penetrated the Philippines. But even Häagen-Dazs Cafes in malls folded up and pulled out leaving their ice cream available only at supermarkets and specialty stores. Dreyers even is rarer. Expensive? Yes! Delicious? Really delicious!

Although Rustans and the likes of S&R have their own imported brands, there’s a Swiss ice cream that I first saw being sold in the supermarkets of Hong Kong and its available only in one location here. Mövenpick ice cream at Mövenpick Hotel. Only in Punta Engano in Mactan Island, Cebu. Mövenpick ice cream prides in using only natural flavors with no artificial ingredients and colors.

Caramelita and Maple Walnut are two flavors that the attendant at the Mövenpick Hotel lobby told me are quite popular and bestselling. I would have gone for the Tiramisu but this time, opted to try the saleable ones:

Caramelita The creamy perfection of a classic Swiss ice cream, folded with a caramel ripple and punctuated with sweet fragments of caramel, lovingly hand-made for us by Swiss craftsmen. A recipe that has been a favorite since the very beginning of Mövenpick ice cream.

I like the creaminess of the ice cream with its caramel sweetness. Of the two, I liked this one the best. Caramel ripples provide a different yet smoother texture.

Maple Walnut Genuine Canadian maple syrup is the keynote ingredient in this very famous Mövenpick recipe– as flavour for the Swiss ice cream at its heart and flavour for the maple-syrup ripple. Caramelised walnuts add sweetness and crunch, their crispness maintained in a fashion that only a master ice-cream maker can achieve. A recipe that has been a favourite since the very beginning of Mövenpick ice cream.

Caramelita and Maple Walnut flavors
Caramelita and Maple Walnut flavors
While another good flavor, it was just too sweet for my taste. The walnuts added crunch but the maple flavor reminds me of pancakes. Hahaha.

When it comes to ice cream, I’m always on the lookout for differen flavors and different brands. With Mövenpick ice cream, I would love to taste the other offers. By the way, Mövenpick Hotel also has fancy ice cream menus. These are scoops of different flavors presented as a fancy dessert dish.

But be prepared. One scoop is P250 plus taxes and service charge brings total to P311. What a price to pay for a great tasting ice cream!

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