First impressions at Tata Benito’s Coffee Shop

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Interior of Tata Benito's Coffee Shop
Interior of Tata Benito’s Coffee Shop

Tata Benito’s near Apo View…

Benito Bacon and Egg sandwich with diced potatoes
Benito Bacon and Egg sandwich with diced potatoes
A fellow blogger, Irene aka Mindanaoan replied to my tweet about asking for local cafes here in Davao City. As it was just near the inn where I was staying, I visited the place.

Located at the Legaspi Compound, a beautiful space that has been converted into a multi-use area with shops, restaurants and a hotel surrounding a 1940’s heritage mansion, Tata Benito’s Coffee Shop is unassuming with a tight floor area with just seven tables inside the cafe.

Actually, the space is a bit of an ‘organized jumble’ with a street of Davao City painting as a ceiling. But what it lacks in sophisticated ambiance compared to the more established coffee shops is made up for its more homey feel.

It’s like entering an old room with different knickknacks, a pile of books and magazines in a shelf, some decors and figurines but the vibe is somewhat familiar.

Tata Benito’s offers the usual meals, hot and cold, iced and blended coffee drinks plus sandwiches, cakes and meals. For this visit, I opted to have a mint caramel latte and sandwich. My order arrived after a few minutes. The hot latte came in first in a beautiful earthen ceramic cup, not the typical polished china type. I love the taste of caramel with a hint of mint in the drink.

I just wanted a simple sandwich as I was not that hungry so I opted to have Benito’s Bacon and Egg sandwich. To my surprise, it came on an earthen plate. Toasted and halved wheat bread artistically placed on one another with diced potatoes around it. I like the sandwich. I like the bacon and egg filling with some lettuce leaves. Simple yet filling.

Tata Benito’s Coffee Shop is something that I would not mind visiting again and again. The place is just near other establishments like Oswaldo’s, a hotel, a mall and other shops. It has a homey vibe that I like and is not as crowded as other cafes. And you should just love the music. Buddha Bar compilation was playing at that time.

Tata Benito’s Coffee Shop
Paseo de Legaspi cor Duterte St.
Davao City
+63 82 305 6288
Opens 0700H-2330H

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3 thoughts on “First impressions at Tata Benito’s Coffee Shop

  1. gel marcial-aquino says:

    thank you for this write up =) appreciate it. We’re opening a sister branch, but with a different concept and menu..hope you could pm us your number on fb so we can send you an invitation when it opens this year –gel of tata benitos

  2. I have been here! If you happen to want to explore the various coffeelandias of Davao, you should also visit The yellow House, Kanggaroo, Blugre cafe and of course, this one. =)

  3. estancabigas says:

    Micole, I’m always on the lookout for local brews. Tried Blugre many times. Will check out Yellow House and Kangaroo the next time i visit. Thanx.

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