Filling pastil at a Gensan jeep terminal

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Cooked rice topped with stewed strips of chicken and wrapped in young banana leaves
Cooked rice topped with stewed strips of chicken and wrapped in young banana leaves

Pastil as displayed on the table
Pastil as displayed on the table
I was already at the jeepney terminal in Gensan, after a flight from Manila and was already enroute for my trip to Maitum municipality in the province of Sarangani.

Pangs of hunger made my stomach growl as I didn’t have much option to move, bags in tow and the nearest hole in the wall eatery, read: carinderia is still a few minutes walk away. But looking around, in one section of the derelict jeepney terminal, more of a makeshift shack, were a series of small tables and chairs and some cooked food.

I moved closer and noticed a pile of something wrapped in wilted young banana leaves. Curious, I asked. Pastil. The muslim owner told me. Not exposed to Muslim food, I got more curious as to what it is, opened one and saw that it was newly cooked rice with strips of stewed chicken on top.

Without hesitance, I ordered one plus a drink.

The taste was just good. Well cooked, well seasoned. Not too salty. The stewed chicken paired well with the rice. It was just delicious, a simple yet filling food and cheap, at just P10.

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4 thoughts on “Filling pastil at a Gensan jeep terminal

  1. Adelle Cristine says:

    This one’s a great pantawid gutom! We almost always eat back when we were on a meager student budget. LOL. I still visit the Pastil carenderia near Ateneo de Davao sometimes.

  2. estancabigas says:

    wow, may pastil carinderia pa! 🙂

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