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Finally, Apayao, my 79th Philippine province

Finally conquered Apayao! (in dark blue)

Rainy days almost nipped my trip to the province of Apayao, one of two provinces that remained to be visited. Until yesterday, Wednesday.

It was sort of a difficult journey. Me and my friend, Eric, another avid traveler who is a good HR practitioner, were supposed to go there a few days ago but due to time constraints, have to just pass by Junction Luna, the main entry point to Pudtol, Apayao. If it weren’t for the sunny day that happened last Tuesday, I would have just resigned myself to visit the province some other time.

But then, the Fates smiled. Even if it rained in some portions and some parts of the road were terrible.

Will be posting more about this trip soon. For the meantime, I’m quite ecstatic that I’ve finally, after so many years and months, visited this northern province.

Siquijor better prepare. Targeting a May visit, if my schedule permits.

Map generated through Lakbayan.

4 thoughts on “Finally, Apayao, my 79th Philippine province”

  1. Congrats Kuya Estan! Siquijor na lang! Hehe ganda ng 80th province mo. Save the best for last, ika nga 😀

  2. congrats sir and to sir Eric! Mission-accomplished! I can’t wait for your Apayao posts sir. grabe haha.

  3. Congrats Estan! I was supposed to visit it too kaso di ako sure kung may accommodation sa Luna… Can’t wait to read your posts… i’ll use it as my guide… ^_^ cheers!!!

  4. estancabigas

    Mervs, actually, pwede ka mag stay sa claveria since its a resort town and there are many tourist spots there. for pudtol, there are two ruins, 20 kilometers apart.

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