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Travel bloggers traveling in style

This is a different post with a different tack. Instead of places, I’m highlighting ten travel bloggers who shaerd their style when traveling. I asked them the following questions and they sent in their answers.

1) How do you travel in style despite backpacking/traveling either locally or abroad thru budget travel or flashpacking?

2) What things do you carry/wear you consider ‘stylish’?

Check out how they travel in style.

Grace of

Grace gives advice on how to stay stylish while on the move. Her list is not only practical but, for such a pretty, cosmopolitan woman who knows how to have fun without looking bad, its a good guide.

The secret to staying stylish while traveling is to bring items that serve more than one purpose while looking cute. They don’t have to be expensive or branded (or even authentic at times). They just have to be sturdy and comfortable without seeming to have borrowed it from one of your grandparents.

For example, every time I travel I would usually bring the following items above:

1) a long sleeved dri fit shirt for days when you spend countless hours under the sun
2) a pair of bright bikinis you can surf with
3) a vest which can showcase your national pride and spruce up an outfit
4) a water bottle so you don’t waste plastic while keeping hydrated
5) a garment that can be worn in multiple ways
6) a shoulder bag which can be converted into a fanny pack
7) lightweight reading material
8 ) accessories
9) an awesome pair of black ankle leggings
10) beauty and cleaning products
11) a scarf AND finally
12) a pair of hot cut offs

Don’t forget a pair of funky flats in a neutral color which can match all of your garments. All of these can fit inside a carry on along with other basic travel equipment. Remember attitude goes along way. Use it as our best accessory. Think elegantly casual – a touch of global style that feels universal and can blend in any place yet still have that edge. Not kitschy or frumpy tourist.

Jona at Miag-ao's stunning fortress church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Jona of

Jona just keeps it simple and shares a different way of being stylish while traveling.

For me, comfort is simple elegance. Pairing leggings with loose blouses or tank tops doesn’t only make me stylish but also care-free. A pair of sunglasses completes the look.

I always consider reading stylish and sexy; so wherever I am, a book or two is snugly placed in my backpack.

Above photos contributed by the respective travel bloggers.

Mhe-Ann of

Mhe-Ann certainly know her stuff when it comes to traveling with style, either in the Philippines or abroad.

“Traveling in style for me while flashpacking abroad, is to have a more fun feminine look with a few pieces in my backpack that fits the temperature: chic head gear, eyeglasses, a layered top ensemble, soft bottoms, a small bag for knick knacks, and matching shoes that slip on and off easily.

So for summer: hats and caps are practical and stylish accessories to protect me from sun rays and takes little effort to polish my look; colorful soft tee-shirts over a plain white undershirt; a jacket of the same color with beltless pants; white gray easy strap Skechers; and eyeglasses that doubles as sun glasses.

For winter: knitted hooded mufflers work double duty by blocking chilly winds and as fashion pieces that is light yet provide the comfort and warmth on a cold day; jeggings/leggings; winter sneakers; white and colorful long sleeves for layering and black multi tone eyeglasses.”

Kim of

For Kim style is relative and its individuality, practical individuality.

I describe my style as laid-back-boho-bordering-on-ethnic-sometimes-sporty, if that even makes sense! I honestly prefer comfort over style, but I still make it a point to have a ‘look’. I’m not big on gadgets, so I go for stylish pieces that I can wear. Standout earrings, neon orange socks or an elaborately designed malong will do for those travels where weight is an issue (mountain climbing, flying without check-in baggage). That, plus my signature unruly hair and sometimes painted nails.

When I travel out of town, I take pride wearing a piece of something local such as my tubao from Davao, shellcraft earrings from Cebu, abaca bag from Bicol, brass bangle from Baguio or Sagada Weavers purse. These things help identify my style. They also serve as conversation starters (where did you get your—?). When hitting the trails, I go for quality outdoor brands, both local and imported, like my Bombproof shorts, Headware head band, T.W.O. slippers, North face trek shoes and Suunto watch. Something that may be off from the whole list would be a Coach wallet that I bring with me anywhere. It has got to be the one thing that makes me feel upscale-stylish. Hehe.

Rain of

Rain got a secret when travel in style. It’s form and function!

Being female isn’t necessarily defined with high heels in my book. But I do fashion alright, even with a 70 + 15 interloper in tow. The secret? basic tops and denim shorts. For sudden weather changes, I also pack leggings and scarves to keep warm. And because backpacking is a rugged vice, save for my headphones, I do not wear branded, easy-to-snatch accessories and jewelry. The alternative? cheap aviators and flea market-brass jewelry.

Mervin of

Peripatetic Mervin wants to cover the whole 80 Philippine provinces and when traveling? Check his style while on the road.

I travel in style by wearning colorful and comfortable shirts because it looks good in photos. Wearing shades makes a lot of difference. You can hide your tiredness behind it. Hehehe!

James of chills out at a beach

Budget traveler par exellence James gives a different kind of traveling in style and whispers that he brings a small bottle of Davidoff Cool Water perfume.

As I’m always bringing less stuff when traveling, I just try to wear appropriate and relaxed clothing. I think its stylish in the sense that my personality goes along with it- chill-type and athletic.

I always carry my sunglasses, ipod and BB with me. Those 3 gadgets make-up even if I’m just wearing board shorts and slippers.

Chyng of with companions during a trip to Tawi-tawi

Chyng prefers it bright and colorful, a happy traveler.

I wear colorful and comfortable attire as it brings me more personality and energy. I don’t travel in black, brown, and gray. I prefer to wear loose and lightweight pants, bright colored tanktops and armbands, scarves, earth toned headwear and sunglasses.

Katrina of

Katrina travel light without sacrificing chic.

I often bring bright or colorful dress/tunic that can also double as a beach cover up. I like traveling light so it also helps that they’re virtually weightless, doesn’t get wrinkled, and dries up easily. Scarf – aside from adding warmth, it easily spices up an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Melody of

Melody loves black because of its versatility.

I like bringing black wear for my trips. It’s the easiest to pair, has a slimming effect and it brings the focus to other colors of the accessories or my face. Plus you don’t notice the dirt, hahaha.

My purple Nine West bag and my trusted blue Cole Haan shoes have traveled with me around the world.

There you have it. Ten travel bloggers sharing their own styles when traveling! It need not fabulously elegant but its more practicality without sacrificing comfort and look. How about you guys? How do you travel in style?

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  4. nice post Estan and thank you for including my contribution!

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  6. I’m not even stylish when I have my entire wardrobe at my disposal. I’m no chance while on the road…

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