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Visiting Bangui’s windfarm, again

The tricycle we hired was going down the slope from the highway in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. We just came from the beautiful Kapurpurawan Rock Formations and Cape Bojeador Lighthouse but as soon as the familiar white energy generating wind turbines came into sight, I smiled.

I’m back again in Bangui’s windfarm, for the 4th time, that beautiful strip of pebble beach with these massive wind turbines that has become a tourist attraction in itself. Man made wonder, as some say, lording over the natural landscape with the strong waves lashing the shore add to its character.

But I was back here to accompany a friend, his first time to visit the northern province and I’m glad to just join him. The sound of the waves, the sea, the humming of the turbines and just the strong blowing of the wind make the visit just relaxing.

3 thoughts on “Visiting Bangui’s windfarm, again”

  1. what a way to spend the afternoon. im sure its all great vibes there.:)

  2. Anonymous

    Yes! It was really enjoyable especially lying down on the pebbles 🙂

  3. Poor me, I am Ilocos based pero never been here. I;m gonna explore the 25 towns of Ilocos Norte before the year ends. Good luck to me . hahhahaha.

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