Pastel pasalubong from Cebu?

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A box has nine carefully wrapped pastels in each, ready to be consumed

Unwrapped and naked
When someone mentions pastel, that soft bread with a delectable yema confection inside, the product from Camiguin, and to some extent, Cagayan de Oro, comes to mind. It’s a favorite pasalubong item for travelers in this region. So popular that it even has found its way being sold in Manila and other provinces.

Cebu is no different except that the local pastel is from Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop which is located in Taboan Market, popular for dried fish like danggit.

I got a box yesterday which my friend brought. Inside the red, Christmas themed box were nine carefully wrapped pastels neatly arranged. I unwrapped the wax paper with the bakeshop label and it revealed another layer of plastic wrapping. This is to protect the waxpaper from becoming oily.

Yema goodness
I bite into the soft and delectable pastel, very delicate but familiar. This one’s better than the original wherein the latter can be dry at times compared to the former where the wrapping ensures it is fresh everytime. The yema too is creamy, just like what you expect from a good yema confection.

A box of nine is a bit pricey compared to the one from Camiguin at P180 but for a delicious pastel, nicely presented with the individual wrapper, its worth it. Its becoming popular and some people already bring these as pasalubongs back home.

Cebu Cardinal Bakeshop
B. Aranas St., Taboan, Cebu City
+63 32 2621729

This is not a paid post. I just loved this product which I tasted for the first time yesterday.

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3 thoughts on “Pastel pasalubong from Cebu?

  1. First time I heard about pastel from Cebu! I love pastel! I can finish one box in one eating…and with a freshly brewed coffee, yun na!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pinoy Explorer, you should really taste this one!!!

  3. do you have a phone number… i wanted to call po how much you delivery cebu to toledo city

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