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A lad having fun at the beach in Tawitawi as the day is about to end

Mindanao, the Philippines’s second largest island has a veil of mystery draped around her. Feared by the uninformed but loved by those who know her true worth and beauty. This series is my tribute for Mindanao, where I’ve been crisscrossing over the years and where a part of me also comes from. I’m a son of Mindanao. In my veins flow the blood of the Subanens of Tangub City in Misamis Occidental who used to own that land, as far as the eye can see. It is from my paternal side that I have kissed its soil and breathed its air, with memories of bird and bat hunts, climbing trees, preparing coconuts for copra and just enjoying summer vacations amidst fertile fields.

Over the years, I’ve been traveling around this beautiful island, crisscrossing its mountains, plains and seas, and working in two of its major cities. It was where I found and lost love, twice, and found again.

It’s time to write about the land I’ve always loved, Mindanao.

I'm a Travel and Architecture photographer, blogger and writer based in Cebu, the Philippines.

A true blue Cebuano, I make stunning images and meaningful stories. My work has been published in various coffee table books as well as local and international publications including Geo (Germany), Sunday Times Magazine (London), done photo assignments for Mabuhay and written posts in Smile.

My personal Photography work has been exhibited around Asia and Europe including Paris in France, Germany, The Netherlands, South Korea, China and around the ASEAN regional capitals.

I am a peripatetic traveler and have been to all 81 Philippine provinces and abroad.

Check out my portfolio site at StanCabigas.

5 thoughts on “Mindanao Smile, beautiful island

  1. Looking forward to this series bai Estan. Nice to know na Mindanaoan diay gihapon ka. Are you running in the Cebu Marathon this January?

  2. Anonymous says:

    bai, thanx. won’t be running sa CCM. Na injured lagi ko

  3. Bonz [Con Tour] says:

    Same here Master Estan. I’ve been reading your posts for the past months since i became a blogger. And this time, we are with you in crisscrossing the land where we loved for more than 4 decades now, nurture our kids and so on. Good luck master. Hope to see you here in Bukidnon, as you traverse the road of the land of promise.

  4. thanx Bonz! see you sometime in our travels 🙂

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