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Pinkerton Ice Cream’s guava-basil sorbet in Cebu

The first time I heard about the flavor, guava-basil sorbet, my eyebrows raised. Not that I was taken aback but I was rather excited. I’ve always liked the taste of basil primarily in pesto and in other dishes but ice cream?

I had a pleasant introduction to it with The Peninsula Manila’s basil infused ice cream and it was something that surprised me. The taste was familiar but at the same time it was something new.

Now here comes guava and basil sorbet that was served to us after dinner with the magazine team at The Tinder Box in Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City. Light but very delicious, something to end a wonderful fare of pasta, pizza and ribs. The taste of the guava is just enough followed by the hint of basil that gives it its unusual flavor. But I just loved it.

The sorbet is from Alexandra Rocha’s line of Pinkerton Ice Cream, home made dessert from Manila and can only be found in Cebu at The Tinder Box. There are other interesting flavors like carrot cake, banana nutella, mango-basil sorbet, honey comb, apple pie and even, margarita. Price per pint starts at P350.

Something to look forward to when I’m back in Cebu.


2 thoughts on “Pinkerton Ice Cream’s guava-basil sorbet in Cebu”

  1. it’s always a nice feeling when something new is discovered even when it comes to desserts. the thing that makes it engaging is the fact that the new thing is more often just a hint of what we know to be originally pedestrian.

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