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Estan at Spark 2011

I am proud to say that I am one of the speakers invited to give a workshop for Spark 2011. Other speakers with me are considered from the industry’s best.

The workshop format is unique as each photographer is given only five minutes to lecture on a particular topic. In my case, I will be talking about, The Need to do a Personal Photo Project.

The event is organized by PhPhoto and will happen at the SMX Convention Center (beside MOA) on 18 June, 2011 from 3 – 6 PM. Registration starts at 2PM. This event is open to all photographers and registration is P300.

It will be a fun night as the Photographer’s Ball will follow after with lots of raffle prizes, contest awards and many more.

I was just amused at the poster though. My supposed photo is actually a friend’s headshot.

Bigger sized poster

3 thoughts on “Estan at Spark 2011”

  1. How can they make that mistake? Hmm, someone’s sleeping on the job. Just the same, congratulations to you.

  2. ser. do we need to pay for something or just go there on the said date and register? congrats on this project!

  3. @supertikoy, i’m not sure if there’s a fee.
    @life, unfortunately, it happened

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