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Beautiful morning at Mt. Marami

A glorious morning at the summit of Mt. Marami

Mt. Marami is one of the accessible mountains in Maragondon, Cavite, an easy climb especially for beginners taking 4-6 hours to reach the summit of the 405 meter mountain. Comprised of a series of stone pillars, thus its name (marami means many), and another closer pillar called Silyang Bato, it has spectacular vistas in the morning.

The view of Pico de Loro from the summit. CLICK TO ENLARGE

There are many routes going up the summit and this is the problem for this mountain. Carabao trails crisscross and if you don’t have a knowledgeable guide, getting lost is a real possibility.

One of the stone pillars near the summit. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

While the mountain is in Maragondon, access is actually via Barangay Ramirez in the neighboring town of Magallanes. Climbers are advised to register before going up. Guides can also be found here.

Unfortunately, the trail is open except for patches of vegetation. There’s no good forest cover. When its sunny, its really hot and when its rainy, the trails get muddy. However, the views at the top is enough to compensate for these. But we are mountaineers. We would not mind suffering in the heat or slipping and getting dirt on our buttocks. It’s part of the adventure.

The peak of Mt. Marami with the stone pillars

We took the popular Nuestra Señora trail that approaches the peak from the western side which also leads to a patch of bamboo grove before making the assault to the peak. Actually, the trail is just easy. No steep ascents except for a short distance leading to the summit. There are, however, limited water sources and if the trek is hot, it’s advisable to stock appropriately.

A climber making his descent. CLICK TO ENLARGE.
Assualt to the peak. Mostly patches of vegetation. CLICK TO ENLARGE

The summit is unique and beautiful. Massive stone pillars dwarf climbers. But the place is so small for a group of climbers that we camped a few meters below it where there is a good plain for a couple of tents. The Silyang Bato is also interesting. But the unfolding morning is really spectacular. Misty lowlands, the sun rising at the horizon, all dramatic and just breathtaking. Just imagine, sipping hot coffee, sitting at the patch of grass and just enjoying the scenery. Priceless!

Rock formatinos dwarf the climbers near the peak

Instead of going back to the Nuestra Señora trail, we took the Talahib trail which, of course, passes through cogon. Good to do in the morning as it is open and hot if one goes down later. A traverse is infact advisable as it will allow you to have different vantage points to view the summit which is spectacular.

Mt. Marami is good for intro climbs, is near Manila and has an easy trail to and from the summit. I’ve posted a Mt. Marami traverse itinerary at my other blog.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful morning at Mt. Marami”

  1. Nice photos, Estan! Nakakaexcite naman dyan sa Mt. Marami!

  2. Nice photos Estan! I’ve been to Mt. Marami once. Hindi ko makalimutan yung lakas ng hangin diyan sa summit na hindi kami makatayo. Salamat din sa itinerary, i’ve been wanting to go back to that place. 🙂

  3. wow, im so excited kasi dyan gaganapin ung freedom climb na pinagjoinan ng grupo ko….nice shots sir….thanks for sharing…^_^

  4. have new trail going mt. marami from mt. palay palay open namin this coming april pico deloro environmentalist & arbor keepers society maragondon cavite

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