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Sandy feet during a weekend off Palawan

Sandy feet and I just love it.

What a life!

I’ve been on the road most of the time since 2 March, no, wait, since January and just spending a few days in Makati during the three months I’ve been out. Kind of tiring but during a stay home in Cebu last week, I got a call from Kankan of Yehey inviting me for a brief vacation in one of the islands off northwestern Palawan. Should I have refused considering that I was supposed to be back in Makati on the 21st?

The rebooking fee cost me P672 but am not regretting it despite foregoing the helicopter ride that was at first dangled to us but didn’t materialize. The brief stay in Flower Island with its short trails, white sand beaches, good food, great company with other visitors including two Japanese friends was just unforgettable!

I liked it so much that, if only it was possible to linger more, I would’ve done it. But then, it was just a few days. No more lounging at a beach chair staring into the blue sky and distant mountains or admiring the emerald green water and white soft sand. No more great food. I should not complain though as everything was free. And great and memorable.

I liked that remote island with the beach all to ourselves. I should go and find my next destination.

Posts on this trip will be online soon.

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3 thoughts on “Sandy feet during a weekend off Palawan”

  1. I also like going to secluded beaches… I don’t like too crowded beaches… thanks for sharing….

  2. hai nakaka inggit! hehehehe if i were to retire a millionaire (in my dreams) it will be in palawan. hehehe.

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