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I shot 2 interesting heritage places for Bluprint Magazine

Check out the latest issue of Bluprint Magazine (October-November) with the theme Remembrance and Design where I shot two articles on two interesting heritage places in Manila:

  • The Bahay Nakpil-Bautista heritage house, now a musuem, and
  • Chinese cemetery in La Loma

The Nakpil-Bautista house is interesting for its history as well as its fusion architecture while the Chinese La Loma cemetery has lots of beautiful art deco period architecture. Check for additional information.

By December, my work on the Metropolitan Theater and the Sta. Maria church in Ilocos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site will be published.

4 thoughts on “I shot 2 interesting heritage places for Bluprint Magazine”

  1. gonli

    Congrats, Estan!!!! Nice shots as always! Cheers!

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