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Laoag City is aglow on Christmas


map_laoag.gif Laoag City in Ilocos Norte is all aglow during December. The plaza in front of the Provincial Capitol is all decked out in lights and Christmas decorations featuring native as well as recycled materials.

But more than that, the province’s well known landmark, the massive belfry of St. William’s Cathedral, lording it all, is lit up.

What an imposing sight!

Christmas decorations in the provinces are always a delight. Unlike those found in Metro Manila wherein the lights and decors are always competing with each other, those in provincial towns and city centers are mostly concentrated on a single area. It is much more elaborate and mostly showcases the masterful use of native products.

The fountain at the plaza is all decked out and covered with a domelike structure made of bamboo with many red and lighted lanterns.

Bamboo arches rise above the walkway festooned with lights and lanterns. Angels and nativity scenes line the sides.

A family enjoys the evening with their child looking at the simple but beautiful christmas tree made of bamboo.

NOTE: These photos were taken December 2006. Christmas decorations this year might be different.


5 thoughts on “Laoag City is aglow on Christmas”

  1. Amazing captures Estan! Ang gaganda! Merry Christmas and a joyous celebration to you and your loved ones

  2. thanx Frances and Ferdz. happy holidays!

  3. gonli

    Even if it has been two years since this photos were taken, nothing still beats the creativity of the Filipinos in making things from simple materials look grand for everyone to gawk at. A very merry Christmas and a Prosperous new year to you, estan! More and more travels for you nest year to capture more and more events in the lives of a race we call FILIPINOS.

  4. gonli, i agree with you. ang ganda ng pagkakagawa and very imaginative.

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