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Ruing on my supposed Negros/Iloilo sojourn, 2


map_iloilo_negros.gif Negros to a non local conjures images of Masskara, extensive sugarcane fields, old rich sugar barons with their haciendas and elegant turn of the century homes. Malnourished children during the height of the devastating economic situation in the 80s when world prices of sugar plunged or the ever suffering and long exploited plantation workers, the sacadas and many others. Well, while some of it are still true, our other images of the province needs to be updated.

I have been visiting Negros sporadically since I was in college since my best friend is from Bacolod. I was impressed with the clean and wide streets of the city. There is always good and fresh seafood in Palapala or enjoying napoleones from a bakery that I’ve already forgotten the name.

There is always something to visit be it historical, religious or otherwise: colonial churches as well as 20th century works like the church in Silay, the provincial capitol in the city, and the Chapel of the Angry Christ (above) in Victorias Milling with its painting’s rich colors and bold strokes. There is always the Masskara the well known festival that has its roots around 2 decades ago as a way for the province to rise from the poverty brought about by the sugar price plunge. Not to be missed are the 7 waterfalls in Murcia or even a climb on Mt. Canlaon. Of course, the beaches are wonderful and in Sagay, one can buy a sackful of oysters straight from the oysterbeds cheaply.

But I always like the countryside. So many things to see even if its just ordinary.


A deserted road bounding the fields in Victorias Milling. The plantation is really extensive and come harvest season, kilometric lines of trucks loaded with the cut sugarcane is a sight to behold.


This is all what remains of the photos that I took of the Masskara last year. Due to a major blunder on my part, I inadvertently deleted 5Gb of RAW files (photos) from my camera!


Bamboo cottages up for sale along the highway in Binalbagan, a municipality south of Bacolod. Huge acacia trees line this part of town.


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