What an encouragement! This should be an interesting hike… I thought to myself when I saw the note posted at the start of the trek (right photo). And just as we started our descent via an iron stairway, I fully realized the steepness. That note was conditioning us! Casaroro Falls in Valencia is one of the popular waterfalls in Negros Oriental province and, with a height of more than a hundred feet, probably one of the lofty cascades in the island. It’s located in the…Continue Reading “Burning fats while trekking down to Casaroro Falls”

Is art purely aesthetics? Beauty in the form of a medium that is a distillation of an artist’s idea expressed on canvass, wood or stone or photograph? But what if it’s in the form of reflecting mirrors on an easel or bottle crowns and multicolored strings? Or a caterpillar like succession of boxes from a defunct gallery? Is it still art? Can the life of an employee even be compiled and neatly displayed in a museum space enough to consider it as artistic? Life. The…Continue Reading “An interesting exhibit at the Lopez Museum and Library”

Pat it down first sir with your palm then you can open it and start eating. The lady staff of Hans Rice Burger instructed me after serving my order. Rice burger. It’s not really something new. I remember having eaten one when McDonald’s offered it several years before, quite messy as the rice was rather scattery. I also remember one Japanese restaurant at a mall offering the same. I just came from an Airbnb shoot in Marigondon, Mactan Island and when I arrived at Park…Continue Reading “Should you try this rice burger joint?”

Abra is an enigma. For me at least. It’s ruggedness and mystery is something that an adventurer should discover. This province is just so promising that there are so many opportunities for discovery. But if you’re not so much into roughing it up, the municipalities of Bangued, Tayum, Pidigan and San Quintin are interesting enough for a leisurely tour. The good thing? These are just adjacent towns connected by good roads. Check this top ten list of things to visit within and around Bangued. Bangued…Continue Reading “10 places to visit in and around Bangued, Abra”

It must have been shocking for the people of Barangay Dinocot in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte seventy years ago, on the 7th of September, when the Japanese forces during World War II were starting to retreat when a deafening blast reverberated across the beach and into the tranquil Macias Hacienda. An ear splitting sound that would have shocked the people into fear. Off the coast of this barangay, a Japanese prison ship, the Shinyo Maru was just torpedoed by an American submarine. Unknown to the…Continue Reading “Not so known but historic beach in Sindangan”