Independencia Culinary Journey

Coconut vodka tiramisu and more at Independencia

Yes, there really is a lambanog tiramisu or coconut vodka tiramisu and its one of the unique and interesting desserts served at Independencia, Marco Polo Hotel Cebu’s Cafe Marco Culinary Journey in celebration of the Philippine Independence Day. It’s wonderfully strong, just like how lambanog should be but with the flavor of tiramisu lingering longer […]


Where to stay

Liktinon Falls
Jumping over boulders to reach Liktinon Falls

We were literally jumping or climbing over boulders that filled the riverbed in what supposed to be a short 15 minute trek to Liktinon Falls, with liktin, Hiligaynon for jump. But the trail was rather confusing. While me, a guide and another were leading the pack, we arrived first at the waterfalls, some of those […]

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I’ve always looked at Boracay with suspicion, being one huge tourist trap that I don’t always like. However, having written an article in CNN Go last year, I might need to change my mindset as I travel to this (in)famous island in the Visayas. First, a really nice accommodation.

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