Resty, the shoestring traveler

Resty has been a friend in Facebook for quite a while now and although we haven’t met yet, we’ve chatted before. He’s a traveler and I’ve been following his travels from his status updates. When I saw his Instagram feed, I said to myself that I should feature this guy! Thus, TRAVELERS, a new section […]


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10 interesting things to do in Kalibo
10 interesting things to do in Kalibo

Kalibo is the capital town of Aklan but other than the Ati-atihan, it is just known for as another entry/exit point for Boracay. But a look around the municipality, there are some interesting places as well as food for the adventurer willing to discover what she has to offer. This list is a compilation of […]

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This ain’t a fair world, really. There are just some doors open to those with the right credentials. In Macau, there’s a particular portal that is reserved for the ultra rich and high rollers. Piles of money that they can afford to burn in a night.

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