Pulau Samalona

Travel Guide: A leisurely 3 days in Makassar

Makassar, the fifth largest city in Indonesia has long been a trading center that when Portuguese sailors landed in 1511, it was already a thriving entrepot where Chinese, Arabs, Siamese, Malays and Indians traded with manufactured goods, textiles, camphor, pearls and spices. The Dutch arrival in the 17th century marked colonial rule when the city […]


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Pater al Kuwait
A delicious suprise at Al Pater al Kuwait in Iligan

I got wildly curious when a friend told me about pater, a rice dish topped either with shredded and cooked beef, chicken or tuna (usually canned) and wrapped with blanched banana leaves. It is a rice dish common in areas with Muslim populations. In Maranao, it is called pater and Maguindanao is pastil. I’ve also […]

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