Sasak Sade Village

A glimpse of Sasak life in Rembitan, Lombok

Lombok is predominantly peopled by the Sasak tribe, numbering around 3 million or around 80% of the population. Although the lumbung, Sasak vernacular architecture for a granary is quiet visible around Mataram, and is emblematic of the island’s Sasak culture, it is in the Sasak Sade Village in Rembitan where one can appreciate the tribe’s […]


Where to stay

Pater al Kuwait
A delicious suprise at Al Pater al Kuwait in Iligan

I got wildly curious when a friend told me about pater, a rice dish topped either with shredded and cooked beef, chicken or tuna (usually canned) and wrapped with blanched banana leaves. It is a rice dish common in areas with Muslim populations. In Maranao, it is called pater and Maguindanao is pastil. I’ve also […]

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