At any given time, from early morning to late at night, Rizal Park, the Philippines’s premier and Asia’s largest urban park is teeming with visitors. From joggers to foreign guests, from students to senior citizens or the occasional first timer who’s there to pay homage to the National Hero JoseĀ  Rizal flock to this oasis of trees, gardens, memorials and sculptures with pockets of entertainment and recreation. The area where the Rizal Park now stands used to be an inhabited marshy patch of land. Although…Continue Reading “Rizal Park, the Philippines’s premier park”

Yes, there really is a lambanog tiramisu or coconut vodka tiramisu and its one of the unique and interesting desserts served at Independencia, Marco Polo Hotel Cebu’s Cafe Marco Culinary Journey in celebration of the Philippine Independence Day. It’s wonderfully strong, just like how lambanog should be but with the flavor of tiramisu lingering longer right after the alcohol has vanished. This, served in a small glass more like a shot glass. Independencia is this month’s Culinary Journey at the Cafe Marco, Cebu’s best buffet,…Continue Reading “Coconut vodka tiramisu and more at Independencia”

Great deals await for those who want to Discover Independence with the Discovery Leisure Company’s special promo rates in time for the Philippines Independence Day celebrations. It’s easy. Head to the local homegrown hospitality’s website, use the code FREEDOM from 12 to 19 June 2016 to get as much as 50% savings for bookings till October. Check out the beautiful rooms at each Discovery Leisure Company property below. About The Discovery Leisure Company, Inc The Discovery Leisure Company, Inc. is a Filipino hospitality group that…Continue Reading “Discover Independence, great deals for great travels”

Last night, I booked a flight from Manila to Bangkok. Since it was within the promo sale period, one way only costs P3,299 and that’s already a bargain considering that other airlines that I checked for an August flight, from Air Asia to others via Skyscanner, the minimum was already P5,000+! But P3,299 is still expensive. I said to myself, “I’m sure there’s another way to spend less.” When I checked my available Cebu Pacific GetGo miles, I smiled. I’m a peripatetic traveler and usually…Continue Reading “How I got my Manila-Bangkok ticket for free (almost)”