Korankei Aichi Japan

Beautiful colors of Autumn in Korankei Valley

Dusk was slowly settling in but the heavens wasn’t really in the mood to welcome us warmly. Instead, as we started to alight from the bus in Korankei, it let out a shower. Briefly. But despite the cold, I left my jacket in the bus. The low temperature was bearable and I was actually enjoying […]


Where to stay

Stewed pork leg (khao kha mu)
Bangkok street eats: heavenly Khao kha moo (stewed pork leg on rice)

I was very much delighted. After the photoshoot at a condo within Sala Daeng in Bangkok, I hurried to the street diner that I passed an hour ago. Within a few minutes, I was seated, a smile on my face as I took a spoonful of the jasmine rice and pieces of stewed pork leg. […]

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Corregidor cabana

Want to spend the night in Corregidor Island? Good move! It’s a different experience and you can also avail of activities that are only open for stay in guests. There are actually four options where you can spend the night here: Stay at the Cordillera Inn Stay at the cabanas near the beach Stay at […]

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