The Carmen Hotel

The best boutique hotel in Naga City

Probably, it’s the best boutique hotel in Naga City. I’ve been frequenting Naga City for the past several years either for visits due to travel blogging invites or just for the love of being in this place. But one of the things that got me excited ever since I found out about it last year […]


Where to stay

Canvas Bistro
Breakfast in Cebu is way better in Canvas Bistro

The eggs benedict came in white china, wide square plate with curved sides. The yolk was raring to burst from its sac as hollandaise sauce dripped at one side of the slice of wheat bread and on to the shiny white surface of the plate. The grilled tomatoes, the folded emmental cheese and dark red […]

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Bellevue Resort Panglao Bohol

Ah Summer. With the heat soaring to the 40s in Metro Manila, you would want to just spend it somewhere invigorating. Like a five star luxury resort in Panglao. Great food, great weather (well, you can always retreat to your temperature controlled room), pristine beach and just do nothing all day. Vacation. The Bellevue Resort […]

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