5 Ways To Avoid Bad Table Manners in the Orient

When you’re travelling, one of the last things you want to do is offend the locals. But it’s easily done. Cultures vary around the world and what delights one person might cause offence in another country. Before you know it, you’ve misread the situation and acted inappropriately, potentially upsetting people without meaning to. To avoid […]


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Cafe Marco's festive buffet
Cafe Marco’s treats for the Festive Buffet

There’s always something to look forward to when December comes and for those in the foodie scene, Marco Polo Cebu’s well regarded Cafe Marco’s Festive Buffet is highly anticipated. From 16-23 & 26-30 December, sumptuous Christmas dishes can be enjoyed on top of the standard buffet lunch and dinner spread. What I love about the […]

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The Manor

It was one of the charming bed and breakfast accommodations I’ve seen that is good for the budget. The Naga Manor, offers comfort and quite in a homey setting that is just walking distance to Naga City’s food strip, Magsaysay Ave. I was told that the mansion was a Marcos era structure (70s), that was […]

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