Palaui Island

Cast off remote but beautiful Palaui Island

The rush of waves abated as our boat entered the cove at Cape Engano, the northeastern part of Palaui Island facing the Pacific. I collected myself from the rather wild boat ride earlier en route to Anguib Beach as the amihan, northeast monsoon, blew strong, riling the seas. But unlike my first visit several years […]


Where to stay

Ramen Ajisai
A delicious ramen discovery in Bangkok

I just learned that in Thong Lo (or Thonglor), an area in Bangok, it would be a bit harder to find local food as, being in the city’s happening area where locals flock to unwind and have fun after work, its more of restaurants and bars. Unless you’re in Soi 38 but I wasn’t and […]

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Oval Era Hotel

Oval Era Hotel in Bangued is perhaps the best one in Abra offering cozy comfort, a classy and well designed lobby interior that looks more like a high end house and with a great view of the town of Bangued with the Sleeping Beauty Mountain in the background. It’s where guests of the Local Government […]

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