We were literally jumping or climbing over boulders that filled the riverbed in what supposed to be a short 15 minute trek to Liktinon Falls, with liktin, Hiligaynon for jump. But the trail was rather confusing. While me, a guide and another were leading the pack, we arrived first at the waterfalls, some of those with us got lost and they arrived almost an hour from the starting point. Liktinon Falls, is a series of short cascades in Barangay Bayuyan in President Roxas, Capiz. What…Continue Reading “Jumping over boulders to reach Liktinon Falls”

Piles and piles of neatly arranged suman, a type of rice cake that is elongated and wrapped in banana leaves greets the visitors upon entering Clarin’s House of Suman. But what really brings in the surprise is discovering that there are several different kinds and fillings that make these native delicacies a treat. Clarin is a municipality in Misamis Occidental and just near Ozamiz City, the economic powerhouse of the province. For the visitor, this town is known for the suman and it is just…Continue Reading “Sumptuous rice cakes at Clarin’s House of Suman”

I got excited seeing the dishes laid out at the different sections of Cafe Marco: balbacua, bam-i, kinupsan, mais, crab relleno, nilung-ag nga saging with ginamos, linusak, biko and masareal. These are the food that I grew up with in Cebu, very familiar but didn’t expect it to be served in this five star hotel’s restaurant. Sugbusog 2014 Pagkaong Inato┬áis Marco Polo Cebu Plaza Hotel’s cuisine of the month in the latest iteration of its monthly culinary journey. Coinciding with the Sinulog Festival, Cebu City’s…Continue Reading “Best of Cebuano cuisine at Sugbusog 2015”

Thai Me Up is one of my favorite restaurants whenever I’m in Cagayan de Oro City. They serve delicious Thai dishes in a setting that is modern, hip and cool. Opened in 2009 by a CDO based couple with their first branch in Capistrano street. A second, smaller branch is located at Ayala Centrio. It’s a beautiful restaurant. Spacious at 2000 sq. m., a lush garden with ficus trees and gazebo and a few outdoor seating. Inside, is an interesting interior that is bright, colorful,…Continue Reading “Delicious Thai restaurant in Cagayan de Oro”

I love Iloilo! There’s always reason to look forward to like food, of which I frequent Madge Cafe and Netong’s Batchoy, almost every morning for my batchoy breakfast, old houses and other heritage structures. But there’s another must visit food place in the Old La Paz Market where I go to for dessert: the ube brazo de mercedes of La Paz Bakery. It’s sumptous! The meringue of the ube brazo is soft and smooth. The delicious sweet center, made from the yolk of eggs and…Continue Reading “Delicious ube brazo at La Paz Bakery”