Makassar, the fifth largest city in Indonesia has long been a trading center that when Portuguese sailors landed in 1511, it was already a thriving entrepot where Chinese, Arabs, Siamese, Malays and Indians traded with manufactured goods, textiles, camphor, pearls and spices. The Dutch arrival in the 17th century marked colonial rule when the city was captured and Fort Rotterdam was built on the base of the sultanate’s fort. Today, its a thriving provincial capital of South Sulawesi and the biggest city in the island….Continue Reading “Travel Guide: A leisurely 3 days in Makassar”

I’m writing this piece while inside my resort room at Hotel Ketapang Indah in Banyuwangi, East Java. This is my fifth hotel/resort stay since the Wonderful Indonesia trip started last 23 July. In the span of five days, I’ve taken six flights, including the one from Manila and two transit flights and two boat rides. From Manila to Jakarta to Makassar to Lombok to Gili Trawangan. A transit to Surabaya from Bali and another transit to this small town at the coast of East Java….Continue Reading “Breathtaking, Wonderful Indonesia”

One of the things that I like about traveling between Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (both Terminals 1 & 2, KLIA and KLIA2, respectively) is the ease, speed and convenience via the KLIA Ekspres, a high speed, direct line train transfer that only takes you 28 minutes along the 57 kilometer track. There’s fast free wifi onboard, baggage racks and comfortable seats. What I love during a day trip? The views of the countryside and the changing terrain and landscape as one approaches…Continue Reading “Fastest & most convenient way to travel from KLIA to KL”

I was burning with fever, my nose runny and have a cough and outside, it was slightly drizzling. I had to pull myself out of the capsule. If only I need not travel on such a bad day but I already spent 18,690 yen the previous night (equivalent to P8,600+ in Philippine currency) and sleeping inside the capsule isn’t really a good idea to just rest for the day. I checked out of the hotel, walked to the Ueno train station but although it was…Continue Reading “For the experience, an expensive Nozomi shinkansen to Kyoto”

I was in awe. Although the sky was overcast and the threat of rain was imminent, I was standing infront of a beautiful structure. It was made of steel and built in 1964. And I have not seen anything like it ever. I was transfixed and moved, never mind if I had to walk uphill for almost a kilometer from the subway station but there was no other way for me to get to this stunning work. And at last, my first Kenzo Tange, recipient…Continue Reading “Oh Tokyo, Tokyo, a glimpse is not enough!”