I was really looking forward to the Sunday lunch of Quest Hotel Cebu’s buffet at the Puso Bistro & Bar because I know lechon is served. Not just any kind of lechon but, of course, the renowned Cebu lechon that is highly coveted. Especially that I’ve been craving to have a good one as I spent a month in Thailand and it was there I understood how it is to pine for food that you grew up with. Thus images of tasty, red and crispy…Continue Reading “Good food and surprises at Puso Bistro & Bar”

The eggs benedict came in white china, wide square plate with curved sides. The yolk was raring to burst from its sac as hollandaise sauce dripped at one side of the slice of wheat bread and on to the shiny white surface of the plate. The grilled tomatoes, the folded emmental cheese and dark red ham gave a burst of colors to the sunshiny ensemble. Beautiful. I could only gasp in anticipation to the meal unfolding before me as three more dishes came. I grabbed…Continue Reading “Breakfast in Cebu is way better in Canvas Bistro”

Pillows Hotel is a 44 room business hotel in Cebu City owned by the Henson Family and opened September 2014. It was where their ancestral house used to stand. Located at a quiet street near the Fuente Osmena, the grand roundabout at the uptown area. The Cebu Capitol, a lovely heritage building is just walking distance. A mall, the popular Larsians, various night spots, two hospitals and several medical clinics and restaurants are just a stone’s throw away and is a good base when in…Continue Reading “Restful sleep and more at Pillows Hotel in Cebu”

There I was, relaxing at the pool heated at 35.8 degrees. A spa like experience amidst the bamboo and coconuts and trees, enjoying the cool windy place and a lukewarm bath. The water is clear and the pool, a pile of rocks and sealed with cement is right smack in the middle of the river. At the center is a large flat rock where bubbles were emanating. Ah, one of the sources of the hot springs and I had it all to myself, until a…Continue Reading “Relaxing at Malabuyoc’s Mainit Springs”