My original intent of visiting Japan was, well, to experience the country for the first time, it’s food, temples, bullet train and architecture. Traveling to see Architecture is one of my must dos. When I visit a country, I always check the old quarter, what Art Deco structure is present and, if any modernist works are also available, why not. And Kyoto was no exception. Based on my research, Tadao Ando, one of Japan’s and the World’s well respected Architects and winner of the Pritzker…Continue Reading “A beautiful walk at the Kyoto Botanical Garden”

One place that I really love exploring even local or in countries abroad are markets and fairs. You get a feel of the people’s culture, what they eat, what food and stuff they sell, what’s available locally and when we were in Takayama for the Hachiman Festival (Autuman Festival), we stumbled upon a temporary riverside fair. It’s not really that big. A narrow stretch of road and bounded by two bridges mark this area. The stalls were also temporary, metal frames covered with plastic or…Continue Reading “Some quirky stuff at a riverside fair in Takayama”

It was with great excitement when our Japanese hosts announced that we will have a glimpse of Takayama’s famous Autumn Festival. And who wouldn’t? Takayama’s Spring (April 14 & 15) and Autumn (October 9 & 10) Festivals is considered as one of the three most beautiful festivals in Japan together with Kyoto’s Gion and Saitama’s Chichibu Night Festivals. And, unlike most of the festivals here in the Philippines that were developed just recently and for tourism, Japan’s is historic, have been performed for centuries and…Continue Reading “A marvelous glimpse of Takayama’s splendid Autumn Festival”

I just learned that in Thong Lo (or Thonglor), an area in Bangok, it would be a bit harder to find local food as, being in the city’s happening area where locals flock to unwind and have fun after work, its more of restaurants and bars. Unless you’re in Soi 38 but I wasn’t and I need to find food for dinner. While walking, saw this ramen shop across the street. I love ramen but it has been two months since I had one and…Continue Reading “A delicious ramen discovery in Bangkok”

The afternoon was hot and humid as I made my way to Santichaiprakarn Park, a piece of greenery along Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River that used to be the location of an old sugar mill. I got a tip that something will happen between 1500H and 1800H and I got excited when I read about it and made the effort to travel from Lat Phrao in Chatuchak where I stayed for a few days, took the Skytrain to Saphan Thaksin, rode the scenic tourist river cruise…Continue Reading “1600+ pandas invade Bangkok”