I was amazed at the selection of pieces, from well designed frames to wine bottle holders. From stylish trays to Christmas nativity tableau. And what made these all amazing? All were made from the humble bamboo! A friend, Eugene, promised to give me a bamboo smartphone amplifier and when I got to Iloilo, he brought me to the CM Bamboo Craft Center. It’s a nondescript display center run by the Carmelite Missionaries as a social project intended to give livelihood to the poor and out-of-school…Continue Reading “Have you checked out this bamboo crafts store in Iloilo?”

Christmas is near and for the big coffee shop brands, they’re coming out with their usual, much coveted, but admittedly, rarely used planners. Why pay for something that you don’t really use? Bo’s Coffee on the other hand bucks the trend and brings you ORIGINS, a travel journal! This is Bo’s Coffee’s thrust of showcasing Philippine coffee from different regions, different social enterprises that have made a big difference in communities as partners and a way of featuring local talent, both writers and photographers. (DISCLOSURE:…Continue Reading “10 reasons why you’ll love ORIGINS travel journal”

It was an apt cap for a Tawitawi trip that found me and my ex visiting a white sand beach in Bongao, three years ago to the month. The sky was clear, the weather great, the water was inviting and the company memorable. As the sun was racing to the horizon, we were there at the beach for a frolic. We brought a marang fruit which was then in season and openly sold at the Chinese pier. It was luscious, the pulp thick and sweet,…Continue Reading “An afternoon frolic at a Tawitawi beach resort”

Tigayon Hill, around three kilometers from the town of Kalibo is an interesting place to visit. It’s primarily made of limestone that has been overgrown with vegetation and this only means one thing: the presence of several caves and cavities, thus, it is also where you can find Tigayon Cave. At first glance, the huge balete tree can give you the creeps with its size and the tangle of roots at its base that go down over rocks and almost to the cave. It’s branches…Continue Reading “The creepy balete in Tigayon Hill”

I specifically visited the catholic cemetery of Jimenez in Misamis Occidental to check if it has Spanish colonial era structures that I can feature in my Simbahan blog. It sure has with its ancient perimeter walls and entrance arch but I wasn’t ready for what I saw: the biggest and creepiest balete tree (banyan tree) I’ve seen in my life! Sure, banyan trees are stuff of otherwordly legends and stories but by the fact that it was at the center of the cemetery, surrounded with…Continue Reading “The creepiest tree I’ve ever seen in my life!”