Savoy cuisine at Spiral’s Tour de France

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Potato reblochon cheese gratin
Potato reblochon cheese gratin

Tour de France at Spiral This last week of July marks the final leg of Spiral’s Tour de France which showcases the cuisine of Savoy. This event pays tribute to the most anticipated and iconic cycling event, now on its 100th year. Started in the month of July, the past three weeks presented a different region: Nice, Perigord, and Brittany.

Prepared by Sofitel’s Regional Chef for Asia Pacific and Sofitel Philippine Plaza’s Executive Chef, Eric Costille, be prepared to be entranced with a gustatory selection. Experience France like never before with Savoy’s breathtaking views of the French mountains and its cuisine offering that will definitely delight everyone. Enjoy a selection of authentic French dishes specially made by the Spiral Master Chefs such as quiche lorraine and savoy’s classic favorite potato reblochon cheese gratin. Feel the region’s serenity while trying the healthy red cabbage and apple salad, Snails red wine sauce and the classic peasant lentil soup.

Travel around Savoy and explore its alpine landscape through its exquisite cuisine. Enjoy the region’s authentic favorites such as the its signature savoyard pork and vegetable stew, the classic mushroom cream chicken fricassee that makes a mouth tantalizing delight and the garden vegetable fricassee. Savoy is also a home to France’s most delectable desserts such as the Spiral’s version of the favorite cherry clafoutis tart.

For reservations and inquiries, please call (632) 832.6988 and (632) 551.5555 ext. 6988, or email [email protected], facebook : spiral manila and

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