The wire frame vibrated and swayed in sync with the tree as we were nearing the end of the spiral staircase to the tree house. It seemed scary at first but just a few minutes after starting the ascent, we eventually got used to it, in our attempt at climbing up Mindanao’s tallest tree house. The area of Cogon Eco Park Complex, encompassing 344 hectares was the result of reforestation efforts in the 1950s. Today, it’s an ecotourism attraction that is in its early stages…Continue Reading “Climbing up Mindanao’s tallest treehouse”

Heritage towns in the Philippines are becoming rarer and rarer. With the apathy of most local governments and Filipinos, much have fallen or disappeared. But there are just some towns and cities that have preserved their own historical architecture, and with heritage awareness, these ten towns and cities enumerated here are must visits. Although many other places around the country should have been included, my objective is to give a more balanced list of places that can be found in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. I…Continue Reading “10 heritage towns outside Metro Manila you should visit”