So, I’m going back to Japan this November for a media invitation by one of the top travel companies in that country. This time, I got so excited and was really expecting to get a multiple entry visa as I’ve visited it twice last year. We filed the application last Monday, I was informed that it was already available yesterday and just this afternoon, got it from the accredited agency. But to my disappointment, it was still a single entry visa. Why this happened? The type…Continue Reading “How to apply for a visa to Japan for BUSINESS travel”

I was so elated last Tuesday when I saw my South Korean tourist visa attached to my new passport. Although I wasn’t totally worried that I will be denied, that feeling of uncertainty really lingered on that day and right up to the releasing section when I queued and one by one, the priority numbers were called out and the passports returned. Ah, South Korea. I didn’t expect to visit this country this year as I had other plans but an invitation to exhibit my…Continue Reading “How to apply for a South Korean tourist visa in Manila & Cebu”

Japan is becoming quite popular with Filipino tourists these days that it’s not a question of will I ever travel to Japan? but when will I travel to Japan?. Years ago, traveling to this east Asian country was tantamount to just being relegated into a dream but with the relaxing of visa issuance rules not only in the Philippines but some ASEAN countries as well, we’re all in for a crack of making that dream a reality. I didn’t dream much of going to Japan…Continue Reading “How to apply for a Japanese TOURIST Visa for Filipino first time visitors”